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The basics for creating wealth with ease


Wealth creation has frequently been portrayed as difficult. Often women shrug it off as something that is complex to comprehend and then decide to ignore the possibilities of greater wealth. Some career women, are committed to create wealth for the company they work for, but not for themselves. Some other women outsource financial planning to someone else. In many societies and in some families there is an assumption that wealth is difficult for a woman, whether it be managing finances or creating wealth.

Here are some simplified steps to create greater wealth for everyone:

1. Take ownership of creating greater wealth

Unless you take the baton in your hands, you cannot be the source of wealth creation. When you take ownership of creating and managing your wealth, more possibilities open up. 

2. Take stock of where you stand today 

This means make a note and track everything, including:

A. How much do you receive in a year?

Make a list of what you receive per year, including your salary, commissions, business revenues, dividends, rental income and income from sale of equity, mutual funds and from other investments.

B. Get a picture of what you have today

What is your current bank balance, investment in stock, mutual funds, property and other investment?

C. Payables and receivables

Make a list of money owed to you and money you owe to others

The above will give you a snapshot of where you stand today. This situation can be changed. However, in order to change a situation, you need to understand where you are now. Being in denial about any of aspects of your financial situation will not contribute to greater wealth. In fact, it diminishes possibilities of wealth creation. Acknowledging the current scenario is key to creating change.

3. What’s your financial reality today?

Some truths about the above lists

  1. Whatever amount of money you currently make, is the maximum amount you are willing to make now.
  2. Whatever you have right now is the maximum you are willing to have.
  3. You can change what you earn and what you have by making some different choices and following the below steps.

4. Choice

A. Choices about bad investment or receivables

I frequently come across people upset about past investments or deals that did not go well. Sometimes they are traumatised about someone not returning money owed to them. The more you think about such incidents, the more you will remain trapped and limited by your current financial situation.

My question to people in such situations is, “If you were to start fresh can you make at least that amount of money again?” The answer from my clients has been a resounding ‘yes’ in 99% of such cases! However, can you choose that? Understand that isn’t about giving up on earning money, instead, this invites you to stop waiting for it. When you stop waiting for money to show up from specific sources, you stop putting your energy into the waiting game and allow yourself to see the many ways you can actually make that money, that you may not have noticed earlier.

B. Choices about payables

In cases where you owe money to people, I suggest paying it back now. If you haven’t let go of the money you owe yet, you can actually stop yourself from taking advantage of other opportunities to create money.

For some people there is shame, guilt, regret or anger towards self/others or anger towards circumstances that keeps them from generating more money with ease. They avoid reminder calls to return the owed money. When people try to hide or avoid, their abilities to generate more money gets stunted. A suggestion I have to people who owe money is – look at your list of money owed. Sort it according to increasing amounts. Start to repay the smaller amounts and pat yourself for every bit repaid. Create a target to clear the list in a maximum of 2 years.

C. Tithing 10% to you

For everything you earn, put 10% away. This starts to teach you to have money (and enjoy it) rather than focusing on the money you don’t have or wish you had. You could keep it aside as cash, in bank accounts, jewellery or to invest in property – anything that would bring in some money even if markets crashed.

5. A new relationship with money 

Are you working for the money or is money working for you? If you are working for the money, you have to put in a lot of effort and you have to put in long hours to earn money. When you stop working just to earn money, when you stop chasing money, you could begin a new relationship with money. When you stop being needy with money, money could flow towards you with greater ease.

What if you could earn money by choosing what is fun for you? And get paid for it too?

6. Push your barriers down

Push your barriers down with people, situations and to earning more money. Give up the resistance to earning more and having more money. These are muscles to be built.

Keep practising all the tools above and you’ll transform your financial situation and relationship with money. You’ll open yourself up to new opportunities to earn the money you’ve always desired, all that’s required is organisation, determination and a little fun!

About Deepa Ramaraj

Deepa Ramaraj is a wealth creation mentor, computer science engineer and facilitator for Wealth Creators Anonymous - a specialty program by Access Consciousness®. Deepa facilitates unconventional and effective workshops for corporations, enabling them to boost sales, dissolve interpersonal or inter-departmental challenges, and transform the way business is done. She also conducts workshops for individuals on how to receive more money, reduce stress, enjoy better relationships, improve health and upskill as a parent.

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