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Career aspirations: how to get to the top of your field


This guide outlines the tactics and strategies for you to fulfil your career aspirations to reach the top in your industry.

In the heady world of business, getting ahead isn’t easy, so we’ve collected some advice and knowledge ready to pass on to you.

How to progress your career aspirations

It’s no secret that men dominate the business world. Women are often overlooked for promotions and opportunities because women are not seen as “strong” enough to handle them. But how do you reach your career aspirations to become an unstoppable force in your industry, regardless of gender?

We asked a few successful women what their best advice is for other women looking to further their career aspirations an d rise to the top of their field, and while this article says “regardless of gender,” and we aim at women, men would do well to take down a few notes.

This is  good advice for anyone in business or wanting to progress their career aspirations in the reputable entertainment industry or any industry for that matter.

Know your industry

It’s all very well knowing your subject, but you need to be an expert to progress your career aspirations to get to the top. You should know everything there is about it and more. 

Learn everything there is to know about your field and become an expert. Keep up with the latest advancements that could be beneficial to your company or career. So that when new innovations arise, you’ll know whether there’s a benefit to you and your ability to move forward in your profession.

Find your mentor ‘tribe’

Surround yourself with people who think the same way who want to help you achieve your career aspirations in whatever way they can.

Remember, you can’t do it all yourself no matter how good you think your careeer or business will be in a few years. So make sure there’s a great team of people around who support each other and complement one another in their strengths and weaknesses.

Go further

Be willing to do something no one else wants to do for the sake of gaining experience and a positive, pro-active reputation in your field. This will encourage you to take advantage of opportunities that would not have been available otherwise.

Keep focused

Stay dedicated, stay focused on achieving your career aspirations at all times because keeping your eyes on the career aspirations and not getting distracted is a valuable lesson to learn.

Network like crazy

Network like crazy with industry icons or those surrounding you to help you get ahead of the game. However, make sure what you know is always better than anything they are offering; otherwise, they won’t want to work with you again, and neither should they if it isn’t an equal partnership.

Share what you know

Be willing to share information that benefits others and yourself. More opportunities can arise, which wouldn’t have arisen without this openness, honesty, and trustworthiness being present within everyone involved who wishes for a good outcome from any business deals made, whether big or small.

The more you give, the more you get and vice versa, so always try your best even if it’s not perfect rather than doing nothing at all because then no one else has anything to build upon either way, whether good or bad.

Compete fairly

There will never be equality among genders until both sexes see each other equally, so work together instead of against one another. Unless there’s something achieved through competition such as more opportunities for better jobs or increased pay but even then, compete kindly and never let it get in the way of your friendships.

Work hard, play fair is a great motto that can apply well within a business, especially when working with customers, suppliers, and colleagues across the board from all different nationalities, backgrounds.

Remember: What goes up can come down

This adage is true in business and life (we love an adage), so don’t feel too important because you may not be for long. Never take advantage, and always give back as much as possible that doesn’t leave you emotionally or physically drained.

That intern you treated badly could one day be your boss or the reason you didn’t get a job at a competitor’s company. It costs nothing to be kind and fair, treat others well, and your business will flourish.

Luck can help

It takes more than just hard work, clever ideas, or dedication alone for success because sometimes it’s just about having that random chance meeting with someone from back home staying at the same hotel.

You can create your luck. It’s a fact. Just at the right time, being in the right place has more to do with research, networking, and being present than passing a black cat. However, if you don’t place yourself in the center stage, you won’t benefit when lady luck is smiling at you.

Be kind to yourself

Don’t lose sight of what’s important, but don’t work too hard, don’t forget to take care of yourself because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Don’t panic

Be patient yet proactive when taking charge of situations that may arise unexpectedly, but remember, if something isn’t broken, then there’s no need to fix it just yet, so always think before acting on anything.

Work smart

Working more intelligently, not harder, is another excellent motto that anyone can apply in business, especially when dealing with suppliers and clients. But don’t waste time trying too hard by putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, instead take each day steadily yet surely towards achieving your goals.

Seek help when you need it

Don’t be reluctant to come forward in asking for help and advice, and don’t take anything personally if the support isn’t quite what you expected. Always give back even when it’s not wanted or required because one day, you’ll need someone else to do the same thing for you and your career or business.

Stay grounded

Be humble, keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and remember that whatever anyone says, whether good or bad, there’s usually some truth within those words and something to learn.

Have fun!

Remember to always have fun along the way, never stop learning, and most importantly, don’t forget why you started your career or business because life’s too short for regrets or what-ifs.

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