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Change careers smoothly with these transition tactics


This guide outlines smart strategies to help you more easily change careers.

Changing careers can feel like starting over from square one. The good news is that this isn’t the case. You have a wealth of experience and knowledge that will continue to serve you in any career path you choose. The bad news is that it does take some focused attention and effort to successfully change careers and step into the new career field you desire.

Tactics to change careers smoothly

Here are some tips to help you effectively change careers and start on a new path.

Work With a Career Coach

If you can swing it, a career coach is an incredible asset to your decision to change careers. They can help you determine the outcomes you’re looking for by making the switch. A career coach can help you identify the best career for you. Perhaps you’ve worked a decade in roles that you were never really passionate about. Working with a career coach can give you the necessary insight to help you pick a better path and to set milestones to help you get there.

Start Networking With New People

Building your professional network gives you an arsenal of people who can speak to your integrity, your work ethic, and even your personality when you look to change careers. They can help connect you to the right people and get you in front of leaders who can extend opportunities your way.

Networking is about more than simply putting business cards in a file. It’s about getting to know people and their connections. It’s about adding value and giving input when needed. The great thing about technology is that many people use LinkedIn and other social networks to build a following and to show off their skills. You’d be amazed at the people you can connect with when you leverage both in-person and online networking.

Get Certifications and Training Completed First

Before you go trying to apply for new roles, it helps to have a few things in place first. If it’s something that requires certification or specialized training, do them first. This proves that you have the knowledge to do the work, which is a good first step when you want to change careers.

Additionally, think through other assessments or checks that might be helpful. In some industries, a background check is required. Ask yourself, “how long do background checks take?”, and you may be surprised to find out that in some cases, they can take a month or more. Other certifications can take a while to complete, so getting these all in place first will improve your desirability for the new career path you’re heading down.

Rewrite Your Resume

What does your resume focus on right now? Odds are it focuses on all the ways that your previous employment makes you a great candidate for other jobs in the same industry. When you’re looking to change careers, you need to look at those same experiences through a new lens. Start crafting a resume that highlights projects and skills that also translate into the new career field. You’ll be able to stand out in a pool of applicants with the experience you already have if you position it the right way.

Focus on Creating Unique Cover Letters

Cover letters are another way to pull together your past jobs and new training to show that you have the skills to succeed in a new career. Good cover letters used to be simply about explaining why you were good for the job. A better approach is to focus on the pain points and problems that the employer has and explain to them how you can help solve it.

Are you a master saleswoman? Are you great at connecting with people? Perhaps you’re amazing behind the scenes and your attention to detail translates into everything you do. These are some of the things to highlight in a unique cover letter when you want to change careers.

Consider Freelancing First

Another way to get your foot in the door of a new career is to start by freelancing. Not only can this help you build a portfolio of work, but it can also open doors to help you launch your new career. Freelancing is an excellent source of additional income, but it’s also extremely beneficial for people trying to expand their career opportunities or change careers completely. Providing services to a business through a freelancing arrangement can also help you make connections and improve your networking in the new industry.

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