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Contact centre operations: how to improve their efficiency


Contact centres are consistently focused on improving the efficiency of their services through advanced contact center automation. After all, increasing efficiency in the call centre is directly connected to minimizing overhead costs. 77% of CEOs have claimed in a recent survey that their main focus is to drive revenue growth by creating operational efficiencies. It also means that greater productivity is one of the most prominent challenges for businesses in this sector.

Several hurdles can pop up along the way, from dealing with sudden upsurges in demand to maintaining the right staff turnover and more. Improving efficiency in a call centre is all about mitigating such challenges to ensure better customer experience and business impact, and higher revenues.

5 ways to enhance  contact centre efficiency

We can call a contact centre ‘efficient’ when the output received from the business is greater than the input invested in it. When we get good returns with lesser effort and lower costs, we have achieved the desired level of productivity.

For instance, we can measure the time spent by the agents on each call vs. the customer satisfaction derived from it. Or, maybe we can measure the time needed to train vs. the benefits gained from it. Small changes, like customer support outsourcing, can lead to a major increase in terms of efficiency. Keeping all that in mind, we have a couple of expert ideas to help contact centres shoot up their work efficiency.

1.    Improving Omnichannel Efficiency Through Customer Support Services

As per a recent study, 55 percent use a minimum of seven channels in the customer experience programs. Now, it is crucial to ensure consistency and customization of interaction at every channel, which is what makes effective omnichannel support important.

In this regard, it is important to implement call centre technology for facilitating engagement in real-time. Customer relationship management software is crucial to break down the usual system, channel, and departmental silos.

2.    Optimizing The Workflow Of Call Centre Agents

According to studies, agents tend to spend 14% of the time searching for relevant information for the customers. They also face struggles and roadblocks in obsolete infrastructure and technology, lack of budget, and inability to collaborate efficiently. 30% of agents are at severe risk of burnout.

Thus, it is necessary to optimize the workflow for effective handling of customer support with great results. It helps the agents if inquiries are categorized based on priority and type (sales, marketing, etc.).

3.    Increase Net Promoter Score

Offering an exceptional customer experience is the ultimate goal of a call centre. However, we can only ensure this after evaluating our existing success rate at helping the customers. This is where Net Promoter Score comes into the picture to make operations more tactical and strategic.

Suppose a contact centre can make promoters (the highest scores) of the maximum number of customers. In that case, it’s possible to outgrow the competition by at least 2.5 times and increase the revenue by 24 percent. It is also important to seek customer feedback and evaluate each interaction for cues.

4.    Keeping An Experienced Contact Centre Management Team

At least 77 percent of companies are presently facing a major leadership gap. They do not have a strong management team at the helm to handle even the basic responsibilities like increasing profits and satisfying customers. It means many call centres cannot set objectives, craft goals, and provide effective and reliable support to the customers and the staff.

To address this, a contact centre needs managers who are experienced enough to be detail-oriented, brilliant communicators, and have an in-depth knowledge of agents, services, and customers.

5.    Developing Strategic Contact Centre Q&A Framework

It is important to have a successful contact centre Q&A framework to build brand loyalty and improve customer experience. The productivity and success of call centres depend on accurately assessing agent performance and using that detail to enhance customer experience.

So, there has to be a Q&A framework that helps in evaluating agent training and performance. The questions that a contact centre has to answer in matters of efficiency usually go like this:

  • Who defines the level of quality (leadership, regulators, or customers)?
  • How is quality ensured (self-management, systems, processes)?
  • How is success measured (feedback, NPS, behaviours)?


The fact that modern customers are not the easiest to place surely places a lot of additional responsibilities on contact centre services. The expert ideas mentioned above can lessen those responsibilities to a great extent. And do you know what else can enhance customer interactions and experiences? Partnering with reliable contact centre service provider.

At Wow Customer Support we deliver the best-quality contact centre outsourcing services. Our experts will develop a unique contact centre outsourcing module exclusively for you based on your business needs. So, get in touch with us now without further delay.

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