Debt solutions for the most common problems with business and personal debt


This guide outlines debt solutions you can apply to the most common debt situations to get your finances back under control. When it comes to debt, everyone has different situations. But there are problems that many people have in common. Below are some debt solutions for common debt problems.

Debt solutions to consider

Inability to Pay Credit Card Bills

Inability to pay is a common issue and can be very difficult for people to manage, especially if they’re not making enough money or don’t have enough savings to pay off the debt quickly. If you find yourself in this situation, one solution is to speak with your credit card issuer and see if they offer a payment plan or deferred payment options. Additionally, look into programs offered by debt resolution companies that could help you negotiate lower payments with creditors, potentially avoiding defaulting on payments.

Not Reducing Spending

An essential step in tackling your debt is creating a budget. To start, list your monthly expenses, such as housing, groceries, utilities, car payments, and other bills. Then determine how much income you have each month. Subtracting your expenses from your income will show you how much money is left over each month that you can put toward paying down your debt. Creating a budget also allows you to identify areas where you may be able to reduce spending so you can use more money for debt repayment.

Too Much Debt

Sometimes life events happen beyond our control, such as job loss or medical expenses, leading us to accumulate too much debt that we cannot handle on our own. One possible answer among the debt solutions is to use a Debt Management Plan (DMP). A DMP involves consolidating your debts into one loan and working with an agency to negotiate lower interest rates with creditors so that you can make manageable payments each month.

Falling Behind On Payments

Falling behind on payments can be challenging to get out from under as fees pile up and creditors become more aggressive in seeking repayment. One of the best debt solutions to tackle this problem is to take out a personal loan and consolidate all your existing debts into one loan at a lower interest rate so you can start making regular payments again without falling further behind. Speak with creditors directly, as some may offer settlement options that would allow you to reduce the amount of debt owed overall or extend payment periods for more affordable payments over time.

Poor Credit Score

When our credit score takes a hit due to missed or late payments, it can feel like we are stuck with a negative rating forever. The good news is that this doesn’t necessarily need to be true. There are steps you can take to rebuild your credit score, such as using secured credit cards and using financial advisors or professionals that offer debt solutions that may provide additional guidance and advice in managing your finances better moving forward.

Not Enough Incoming Revenue

Boosting your revenue can also help you reduce or manage your debt. You could take on extra hours at work or get a second job if possible. Consider selling unused items around the house, such as clothes, furniture, and electronics that are no longer needed to bring in some additional cash flow. Also, look into freelance opportunities in the gig economy to increase your income potential. If none of these options fit your lifestyle, then look into tax credits and deductions available that can put more money back in your pocket when filing taxes each year.


No matter what kind of debt issue you have, there are debt solutions for common debt problems! Finding the right solution for you will depend on understanding the specifics of your situation and taking proactive steps toward getting back on track financially — whatever those steps may be for your particular case.

If you need additional assistance handling your debts, reach out to an expert financial advisor who can provide guidance suited to helping you get out of debt faster while still protecting your long-term financial health.

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