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Digital trends all businesses should be watching right now


This guide outlines the digital trends to keep an eye on in the changing economy and business world.

The COVID-19 pandemic closed many businesses for good in 2020. However, these unique challenges posed by the pandemic economy spurred a new wave of digital business and eCommerce options that have transformed the way we work and shop. A recent study by Adobe Acrobat explains the factors that influenced this new wave of digital entrepreneurs and online businesses that continued to grow, even during the pandemic’s peak.  

Digital trends to watch

Work from home

During the pandemic’s start, the priority for many was, of course, their health and safety. People worldwide were told to stay home and quarantine, while businesses and workplaces were closed to the public. Though many jobs and businesses were lost during this time, a new wave of remote work opportunities became available as companies adapted to a digital workplace. According to the Adobe study, “More than 3 in 4 adults would rather apply for jobs that offer remote options.” Remote work opportunities provided many conveniences to the American workforce, leading them to reassess their work-life balance. Now, the demand for remote work positions remains high even as more businesses reopen their in-person stores, and is one of the strongest digital trends.

Digital entrepreneur

With the changes in work culture and digital business opportunities, digital entrepreneurs found a unique opportunity to take advantage of the pandemic market. Adobe Acrobat uncovered why digital entrepreneurs are on the rise and how the booming eCommerce market offers new opportunities for small businesses to be run anywhere. The changes in work culture and new economic business sanctions provided new opportunities for entrepreneurs to fund and launch new online businesses. According to Adobe, “The rise in work flexibility during the pandemic was a steppingstone to digital entrepreneurship for many.” Staying home and reassessing how work can be done as one of the digital trends allowed creatives and other go-getters to start their own businesses and meet the demand of the new pandemic lifestyles all were adapting to.

Digital transformation

The demand for online eCommerce and business solutions spurred a new SaaS (software as a service) market and digital business tools as one of the digital trends. Software creators and tech companies answered the call of a pandemic workforce and created new and improved business solutions such as video conferencing, professional messaging, and document management systems. These collaborative software tools have allowed businesses access to efficient and user-friendly digital workplaces. In many cases, working remotely has been shown to improve the productivity of team members. Still, the tools available to remote workers can further enhance how business is done day-to-day. These digital business solutions save companies money and push the global economy towards a digital marketplace.

eCommerce boom

Our work habits have changed, but the pandemic has also influenced our consumer habits and the digital trends. eCommerce markets are booming worldwide, with more online shopping than ever before. Most of this online shopping is done through smartphones, meaning marketers have a more direct line to their consumers than ever before. This has led to increased demand for creative digital marketing solutions such as influencer and social media marketing. Consumers are shopping online more than ever before and look to the convenience of digital stores and businesses to find new products and services. Starting an eCommerce business can be highly successful with creative marketing and digital business solutions. Digital entrepreneurs and consumers alike can benefit from the convenience of digital marketplaces.

SEO … still!

One of the top one of the digital trends for marketing is still SEO, website optimization for search engines. The strategy is already widely used by companies, mainly in texts, in which they can be explored in keywords. However, in the coming year this technique will be much more valued.

SEO is responsible for the organic reach of a website’s pages in search engines such as Google. Increasingly, marketing strategies will be needed to achieve media reach, increasing SEO and paid traffic. As search engine algorithms change, companies will have to adapt. They need to understand new consumer habits and what actions they need to take to appear on the first page in Google searches.

Content marketing

Not so new and already explored by companies, content marketing follows as a big one of the digital trends for the next year. It will be increasingly common to invest in innovative and relevant content to catch users’ attention.

Content marketing, in addition to functioning as a source of information for users, also works as an aid in marketing strategies, boosting the company and attracting more people through the content created. One of the marketing trends will be content based on data and deeper analysis, to make the entire strategy more valuable and assertive.

Adoption of videos

We will see more and more video strategies in marketing digital trends within Instagram with reels and lives, and with TikTok, an increasingly popular video platform. In addition, the TikTok app should also grow in the adoption of companies with marketing strategies. Well, most of the content that is successful on the platform is replicated to Instagram.

More technological and connected professionals

With so much information available, the report points out that more and more professionals will need to be more technological and connected. The connected marketer will be able to broadcast social media and digital trends and apply them to digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing and selling joined

In the coming years it will be very common among the digital trends to have marketing and sales working together. The purpose of marketing to work together with sales is to plan, analyze and unify the entire process to have assertive content.

Growth in the use of artificial intelligence

In digital marketing, the trend is also related to artificial intelligence. The tools used in digital marketing are adopting artificial intelligence to have interactions with users and customers. An example of the expansion of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is in bots and chats, which can incorporate voice features to have a wider connection.

Own digital marketing management

The trend is for companies to take control of their own digital marketing as a way to reduce costs and improve results. However, the search will be made by companies that have experienced financial difficulties caused by the pandemic.

More data adoption

Digital marketers will need to use a lot of data to understand and create strategies assertively for one of the digital trends. According to the report, around 78% of professionals say they already use data to guide the strategies used.


Finally, the marketing aspect as one of the digital trends is all about creativity. With the adoption of new social networks, changing algorithms and the creation of new features on the platforms, professionals will need creativity to develop content that can capture the attention of users. Creativity is also one of the soft skills that will be trending for the next few years.


The pandemic influenced many aspects of the business world, including a new culture of remote work, digital business transformations, and a new wave of digital consumer trends. These changing business trends have led to the increase in digital entrepreneurship that has marked the years of the pandemic. 


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