Diversity debate must include men


Everywhere you read and listen, diversity and inclusion are hot topics right now.  Everyone seems to be talking about them, arguing about them, even pushing for new laws about them. Yet we don’t seem to be making much progress towards any sort of significant action.

Why is all this talk and effort failing to bring about results? I believe it’s because the dialogue and debate are one-sided. While it might seem like everyone is talking, there’s an entire segment of the population absent from the discussion … the male segment. There aren’t enough men contributing to the debate, particularly on the topic of gender diversity.

Doubtless, some men may feel these are dangerous waters for them to venture into. But research shows that the more men know about gender inequality, the more prone they are to take action to bring balance into the equation.

LeadershipHQ’s Diversity Debate Dinner events were designed to put balance — and true diversity — into the discussion.

The Diversity Debate Dinner events in Melbourne and Sydney featured high profile speakers — including BusinessWoman Media’s CEO Amanda Rose —  Laurice Temple, Nicola Mills and Fiona Vines, and the panel also included respected male speakers including Chris Lamb, Barry Borzillo, Neil Dalrymple and Peter Birtles.

The overall message? Women must take the opportunity to hear what men have to say about diversity.  Listen and pay attention to their thoughts, feelings and ideas about gender diversity.  Help us put the balance back into this important debate.

About Sonia McDonald

Sonia McDonald, Director of LeadershipHQ, is a thought leader, consultant, full time single mum and dynamic speaker and writer. Internationally recognised as an expert in leadership and strategy, organisational development and neuroscience, Sonia is an engaging writer who inspires as she educates. Sonia’s key focus is on the strategies behind successful business and leadership. Her articles and blogs are both fun and informative. Taking a neuroscience approach, Sonia shows how the power of the human brain can become the driver for business and team success, pushing your business to achieve and surpass organisational objectives. She has also just launched her amazing EmpowHER program which is taking Australia by storm and building leadership capability and confidence for women across the nation.

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