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Doing business on the golf course: yes, it’s still a thing


This guide outlines the unwritten rules for doing business on the golf course, and why it is still a place for doing deals.

If there was ever a sport that pretty much represented the high-end corporate world, then that would be golf. After all, golf courses play host to countless initial meetings and major business deals every year. However, not all meetings end on a good note, while several deals sink well before reaching the 19th hole! And this business arena that was pretty much exclusively limited to men in the early days of the 20th century, is now one where women also are playing and making deals.

Why people do business on the gold course

Doing business on the golf course is a practice that encourages corporate relationships and trust among executives. Playing golf for business is seen as being a great choice for generating a variety of corporate relationships. Its close relationship with the business world has several reasons. And it makes this practice a powerful option when dealing with more commercial matters. This is because, in addition to being seen as an elite sport , in which many entrepreneurs practice it, it also encourages interaction.

1. Facilitator

As it is an environment already frequented by many entrepreneurs, it is an easier way to meet new people. On golf courses, the most varied profiles meet. And, because of that, it is possible to create trusting relationships.

2. Time

A round of golf takes an average of four hours. Enough time for you to share and expand your networking. After all, there are hours and hours of socializing. Thus, your opponent ends up becoming a good companion between walks and walks to the next hole.

3. Environment

Great business relationships can develop outside the boardrooms of large companies. The countryside environment, with many natural beauties, offers comfort and a pleasant climate for doing business. Consequently, you will be more likely to make good deals.

4. Observe

During a game of golf, it is possible to notice how your opponent deals with problems and adversities. Observing these and other aspects between the reactions in the plays is important when dealing with a business conversation.

5. Experiences

In addition to all the advantages of playing golf for business, the sport can be played at any age. Therefore, you will have a wide life experience to acquire and share, from the oldest to the youngest.

What you need to know about business on the golf course

Doing business on the golf course is a skill and without natural intuition and experience, developing that skill is not easy. Nevertheless, the following five tips for doing business on the golf course should help young executives and entrepreneurs avoid a few common learning curves.

Pay attention to your gear

Reputation is everything in business and impressions are what builds them. What you wear, ride, and carry at the course will be noticed carefully, so make sure everything is up to scratch for laying a good impression. Golf carts are often in need of replacement tires and wheels because we do not pay them enough attention to notice a change is needed, unless we are forced to. Since the wheels and tires of your cart are responsible for the kind of ride your potential client/customer will have while making your way through the course, ensure that they are fit for the kind of terrain you will traversing on the chosen course.

Brush up on your game

You are dealing with people who thrive on and through competition, so if you are not any good at the game of golf, it will not do any favors to your chances of landing the deal either. Nobody expects you to be joining the PGA Tour anytime soon but brush up on your game sufficiently to at least make the game enjoyable for your guest. If you are particularly bad in golf, the whole setup will only feel like a hollow excuse to talk to them rather than a genuine round of golf. It’s important to remember that while the round will indeed have an additional motive, you are still supposed to play a good round of golf!

Punctuality and patience are essential virtues

Arrive early as it shows sincerity when you are the one who is waiting to greet them, rather than it being the other way around. Also, it will give you the time you need to get everything ready in preparation for the game. If the other party is late, wait for them patiently and never let any frustration that you may have built up waiting for them make its way into your expressions and demeanor.

Tact and timing are key

Never start business talk when they arrive, late or not. In fact, do not even start talking about business at all until you have taken the time to know them and their golfing interests in more detail. By the time you have reached the middle of your round, it is more than likely that the client will bring up business by themselves. Even if they don’t, you will find it much easier to bring up business after you have taken the time to know them personally.

Drink, if you must, but in moderation

Alcohol is supposed to relax us and that’s fine, but the key is in keeping it to an absolute minimum. Do not insist, but politely offer your client with the option to drink if they so choose. In case they do oblige, you will have to drink as well to keep them in gentle company, but never drink any more than you absolutely must. Getting drunk is the last thing you would want to do when in presence of an important client.


There is a lot of room for making deals and networking when business is on your mind at the golf course. The short pointers mentioned here should provide the basis you need for building on them regarding your next golf meeting.

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