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Emma Watson tells us how to view barriers


Harry Potter star Emma Watson has waved her magic wand and cast a spell of motivation upon aspiring females everywhere. Emma Watson has continued to take to Twitter to inspire youth who have become confronted with the barriers of expectation and ideology when pursuing a career. And the advice she has given is strongly relatable for those striving to succeed in the business world.

Why not have both?

When asked if she had tips for those still fixated upon the outdated idea that marriage and children should over rule spelling career commitments, Emma responded with this question. ‘Why not have both?’There is a false belief that women need to focus on family first, before careers. Many believe that women cannot break through the glass ceiling while cradling a baby or as a married woman when working in business. Emma fights this stereotype with that quick four-worded question as her weapon. Prove you are flexible, motivated and an asset to the company you are working for.  It is all about finding the correct balance. (

Prove the disbelievers wrong

A young girl tweeted Emma seeking advice on how to battle her father’s disapproval of her career goal. She wrote that she wanted to become an engineer but was unsure to change his perspectives about the highly masculine dominated field. Emma responded with ‘become an engineer’. She advises that if you have the passion you should never allow preconceived stereotypes to hold you back. Stereotypes and gender inequality is common within the business world, but Emma illustrates that if you can prove the disbelievers wrong, anything is possible. The best way to prove wrong those who said ‘you can’t’ is to go ahead and do it successfully.


When asked what is necessary for fighting for equality, Emma responded with the word ‘conviction’. The same applies in business with equality being a constant objective for the industry. It is a battle for the female businesswomen to achieve equality within different stages of their career. If you have a goal make sure you act with the necessary conviction in order to achieve success, gender aside. Developing a strong conviction will be the acceleration in the race to your business success. Have your opinion or view, act on it and then stand by it. Don’t be afraid to have your say and let your voice be heard.

Speak Up

When you have something to say, keep the cats well away from your tongue. If you have a suggestion she encourages you to speak up and be heard. When an opportunity arises don’t sit back and let somebody else’s voice over shadow yours. Follow through with your ideas by speaking up. The application of courage will turn your ideas into contributions, furthermore creating an impressive profile for yourself. Remember that the ideas you don’t voice are just thoughts.

Emma Watson’s words paint the picture of determination, empowering anyone who reads her short yet influential words. Applying her ideas about equality to the business world will enforce your own sense of motivation to lead towards success.


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