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ESports games can teach business a lot about teamwork and soft skills


Whilst the eSports games industry and the business sectors may not initially be thought of as being two niches that can help each other out, there is certainly a lot that companies from all around the world can learn from the competitive sports environment.

Naturally, there will be some prejudice to the online gaming arena, as older generations may still have what can be described as outdated thoughts regarding the activity, whilst others may fail to see what skill can be built and provided when participating.

What ESports games can teach business

However, with the eSports game market continuing to grow at astronomical rates and attracting attention from a variety of different sectors including the gambling industry where the best betting sites have cottoned on to its appeal around the globe, it is important that businesses look at what is being done correctly within the industry and see if they can take any teachings from it themselves.

Esports games scaled up to be global

Most businesses that are created will have aims of being able to operate globally and with how eSports has managed to boom, there are certainly lessons to be learnt within this area.

For example, eSports games are inclusive and do not always require their players to be physically gifted, nor do they have to have certain physical attributes. In fact, a lot of it will come down to the fact that they will need to be strategic and build strategic plans which will allow them to take down their opponent.

Strategy is incredibly important in business, as companies will look to design and implement the best business strategies, they can in order to achieve their desired aims and objectives.

Furthermore, another thing that eSports can teach businesses all around the world is that employees do not need to be in the same location in order to develop and build an effective workforce. There are no borders involved within the gaming sphere in regards to location, which could be the same for many businesses around the world; as many will have found over the last couple of years.

Teamwork strategy

A number of organizations will tend to have a structure and a hierarchy of individuals who are next in the chain of command. Whilst this is a traditional method and one that will work for some, the modern era arguably sees these methods become slightly old-fashioned, which is why some have gone for decentralized approaches.

However, the eSports games industry has perhaps shown that a line of command is not necessarily needed, as each team member will know they have a specific role and will be vital to ensuring that the strategy being followed is executed perfectly.

For instance, an eSports games team may have a captain, but their leadership style would not be one that is similar to a business leader, as they will not look to use an authoritarian, hierarchical leadership style.

By allowing team members to work out what they are good at in the process, businesses could also benefit by putting themselves in a position to allow employees to place themselves where they can do a job effectively, which in the long term, may help the business to save costs on turnover, whilst also generating additional revenue.

Soft skills are developed

First, it is perhaps important to understand what is meant by the term ‘Soft Skills’. A definition of the phrase is the ‘personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people’. Naturally, these skills will include teamwork, but also communication skills, problem-solving, decisiveness, accountability, perseverance, resilience and the ability to perform when the pressure is on.

It should be noted that these skills are only going to become even more important in the future, as they are only possible via human beings as machines are unable to perform them at the moment.

Esports games and businesses both thrive on these skills being possessed by individuals, so it is evident that they can learn from each other. Those that are able to develop the skills will be able to help identify strengths and opportunities, whilst also help solve any weaknesses that may have been highlighted.


It is evident that businesses can learn a lot from the eSports games industry, with many skills perhaps being picked up that may not have necessarily been learnt in a business environment or even within a school.

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