Financial management measures to protect and maintain your wealth


Securing and maintaining your finances, be it physical or digital form, should always be a top priority for anyone who wants to make sure their wealth stays protected. There are many financial management measures you can take to help protect your finances and many ways that you can secure your finances by performing regular maintenance.

Must-do financial management measures

Ensuring cyber security measures are taken

Security-wise, taking financial management steps such as not sharing passwords and having complex passwords is a good step going forward. Don’t use obvious numbers such as your birthday or address and avoid family and maiden names. Make sure your passwords are complex; use a variety of letters, numbers, and symbols, and don’t write the passwords down anywhere.

Regularly check your bank and credit card statements so you can follow your transactions and withdrawals and see if there is any potentially fraudulent activity. Be sure to only use trusted secure websites that start with HTTPS:// and, email-wise, don’t open attachments from strangers.

Secure document storage

It is important to keep all your personal documents safe. Having a fire-proof safe in your home is a great way to safeguard your documents. Your local bank should have secure deposit boxes as well if you want to keep your documents off-site. If you are still receiving paper statements, then it is important to read your statements as soon as you get them and use a shredder to destroy your documents before you dispose of them.

Secure document storage no longer only counts for physical papers as it may have done in the past. Secure document storage is now something that is also attributed to digital documents such as online statements and authorities in relation to your financial management measures, and also can incorporate cloud storage. Most banks deliver online statements that are password protected or encrypted and require passwords for access. Any documents that you need to download onto your computer should be kept in a digital vault to prevent anyone from accessing your sensitive financial information.

Having a plan

There are financial management measures to take to help you keep your balance in the black. Setting up a retirement plan is important as there will come a point where you are no longer working and you want to make sure you have enough money to live throughout your retirement years. This involves long-term investing. If you choose to buy stocks in Australia, a financial planner can help you draw up a long-term plan for these investments no matter where you are in life.

Having a financial plan with your money means things like keeping track of your spending and saving a portion of your weekly or monthly income and reinvesting that money into another secure fund. You also want to create goals for yourself and work towards them, e.g. if you want to make a big purchase in the future, plan out the best way to be able to do this without breaking the bank.

Never stop learning

Becoming more financially literate can give you the confidence to help you make better financial decisions. It is also beneficial to keep up-to-date on the current economic climate by reading financial news which can be found in both newspapers and online. For those who feel uneducated in relation to their finances, it is never too late to learn financial management measures. Reading books and finance blogs are a great way to have the complex financial work explained in everyday terms or for those who are seeking a higher level of information, there is always the option to meet with a financial planner or to enrol in a short course at a community college which is geared towards understanding finances more clearly.

With education about your own finances and how they work, comes the freedom for you to take control of how your finances are handled. There is never a good case to be made for letting someone else handle it on your behalf. The only person who is going to care enough to ensure that your finances are secure, is you.

Move away from short term debt

Debt can accrue very quickly without you realizing and the chore of trying to get rid of these debts can be unbearable without strong financial management measures. If you do have a credit card, always check your statements to see that you are not incurring too much debt, and if you are, make a plan to curb your spending and take control of your spending habits.

Living within your means has incredible benefits financially. If you cannot afford something, wait until you have saved for it instead of using your credit card or taking out a loan. A lot of people fall into the ease of buying something when they want without thinking of the long-term debt which will inevitably accrue.

Perform regular debt checks

For those who still have debt in their world, it is important to ensure that this is being serviced at the best possible interest rates. Interest rates fluctuate regularly in line with national and global markets, so what may have seemed like a good interest rate initially may not be so anymore. To ensure that you are managing your debt to the best of your ability, it is worthwhile conducting an annual debt check for yourself to see where you can get discounts or better terms on your loans.

Contacting the bank that currently holds your mortgage is one of the biggest financial management measures you can take to ensure your finances are in order. Often just making a phone call can start you on a track to a mortgage plan that will see you better off financially. The same goes for utility companies and online savings accounts. It is always wise to make sure that you are the one getting the best deal in the market.


There are many ways that you can go about ensuring that your finances are secure and these few hints and tips could end up saving you thousands in the long run. Take the time today to ensure that your finances are secure in every way possible for the future. This will always be time well-spent.

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