Free VPN: is it enough for business needs?


When it comes to business security, don’t we all rely on VPNs? But is free VPN sufficient for business needs?

With Covid-19 leading businesses to turn remote, almost every business uses VPN software to increase security. There’s a lot of content available online, and no wonder the use of free VPN has increased rapidly, and  VPN gratus can be an effective way to do business safely using VPN.

Is free VPN sufficient for business?

According to Security.org, around 96% of VPN users consider the service effective- whether free or paid. Moreover, the use of VPN has grown massively during the pandemic. As per Business Wire, around 88% of IT companies globally shifted to VPN to maintain the authenticity of work-from-home agreements. So, the question is, should businesses be using free VPN? Of course, they should.

VPN overview

VPN service is a customer-oriented tool that aims at keeping its customer’s browsing history private. While it is effective for individual and personal purposes, using VPN has become an extremely important part of businesses.

As per a study from OpenVPN, around 68% of companies shifted to using VPN during the pandemic. Businesses may use VPN to encrypt their data. The establishment of a VPN tunnel helps to develop a secure network. With remote work taking over businesses, it is necessary to switch between places. Therefore, if the employee is working from home, they won’t connect to the office network unless they are connected to the VPN.

Free VPN services can prove to be an additional aspect for the growth of the business, and this is mostly because they help to secure the business data. The OpenVPN study also reflects that around 99% of businesses believe that businesses will still be using a VPN in the coming times when things get back to normal.

Key benefits for businesses

Cybersecurity companies are using free VPNs extensively to promote their businesses. Reports show that in 2020 alone, the VPN market was worth around $30 billion. However, some of the key ways in which VPN can be helpful for businesses include the following:

1.   Secure The Network

Businesses at the risk of data theft should consider securing their network using a VPN. No one will be able to tap into your network without keeping a record of your data activity. Furthermore, VPN allows us to collect the data and implement it for business purposes.

Using a VPN to protect the data can prevent third-party access to the system. As a result, all your data will be safe and secure.

2.   Quick and Remote Access

IT companies used to deploy VPNs to manage their work from the data center. But, things have now eased up. They can now manage data from the comfort of their homes. Whether on-road or at home, VPN service providers can easily access data.

The company software will be integrated. Apart from data, back-office apps will also be included. The coming in of cloud service businesses have played a huge role in easing in, and the apps for companies can be transferred via the app.

The IT staff will have the flexibility to deploy remote access. They no longer need to spend on expensive gear. The right VPN provider can play an important role in providing access to the data.

3.   Easy Access Of Files From The Public Network

VPN will help you browse all your office data securely even when you’re working in public. Suppose you’re working in a cafe or shopping mall and want to get access to crucial business data. While you can easily do so, it will threaten your data.

Believe it or not, hackers are always available online to detect the systems connected to public WiFi and steal them. Within the blink of an eye, your company’s crucial data will be stolen, and you’d be held responsible by the company for it.

As a result, using VPN will play an important role in securing your data. Even when you’re using the public network, you will have the flexibility to manage the data. This is mostly because the system blocks any suspicious device trying to break into your network.

A secure channel is crucial for maintaining the anonymity of data. An encrypted channel will be highly essential for maintaining secrecy, thereby preventing anyone from intercepting the data.

4.   Geo-independence

No matter where you’re traveling, you can continue doing your work with the help of a VPN. Certain countries have very strict laws related to business.

Opening corporate resources in an open network solution isn’t a good idea. Small business owners can significantly benefit from using VPN to overcome geo-restrictions. The use of VPN for internet marketers allows them to run ads easily from any corner of the world.

Nonetheless, checking the logging and privacy policies is advisable before using the VPN. The VPN providers have access to a lot of information, and therefore, you need to check if the authorities permit them to use it. Many IT organizations also depend on identity management systems using VPN. Therefore, make sure to check the privacy policy carefully before using it.

Can a free VPN be efficient?

While the paid VPN services are extremely effective, free ones can also prove helpful. With the advancement in technology, there are numerous changes in VPN too, and it can prove to be an effective traditional marketing tool for business growth in the coming years.

Final Words

VPN is an effective tool that helps to secure your data. Companies follow strict measures to protect their data, and hackers can be anywhere over the internet. Therefore, securing your data can be done effectively through free VPN services.


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