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How to build the right virtual team


It is becoming more common for businesses to be functioning more as a virtual office or team with flexible hours than the standard  ‘bricks and mortar’ office location and 9am-5pm hours.

Technology allows us all to work with people globally and in an instant. But if you don’t have the right team, it will bite you on the backside.Here are some tips to make sure you have a “winning virtual team”.

1. Better than you

It is often said by leaders across the globe — although less often properly done. You MUST hire people who are experts in their fields. Learn from them and leave them alone as much as possible to do their thing.

2. Only contact you when they need to

A good team aren’t needy. They know their role, they take the initiate and they love autonomy. You should be in contact with them and them with you only when needed. Micromanagement is not only a killer for virtual teams — and most sentient adults — it also negates the benefit of being virtual.

3. You trust them implicitly

If your gut says something’s up at the beginning then don’t expect to trust them once they are embedded into your company. You need to have the feeling they are always representing you and your brand at all times.

4. They love what they do

Hire people who love what they do and they love it hard. Their passion oozes out if them and they are confident in what they can deliver. Needless to say, that love and passion will also be for your brand and business.

5. On the same journey

Possibly the most important point. Make sure whoever you add to your virtual team is on the same journey as you. This could be one of making truckloads of money, helping others, breaking down barriers or whatever else marks out your path. If they don’t believe in what you are doing, they won’t give their best and won’t hang around for long.

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    October 30, 2015 at 2:34 am

    I hope you are achieving real job satisfaction in the virtual office with high level of team spirit and total absence of ill feelings. Wish you all success in this career.

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