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How to maximize the efficiency of your board of directors


The board of directors of a company plays a more crucial role in the management of a company’s operations than people usually imagine. Board recruiting firms cannot stress the importance of a board’s impact enough in terms of the success of any company in question.

How to have an efficient board of directors

It is important to note that each board of directors is unique as it comprises a variety of personalities and attitudes. These may translate to positive results for the company or a dysfunctional company outlook.

Consequently, the board of directors of any given company represent all the stakeholders of a company and must unite in effective decision-making. With this view, it is crucial to maximize a board’s efficiency in the interest of its shareholders, staff and clients.

Board member selection

Board recruiting firms make wise decisions in selecting the members of a board. This is because, after all, the individual members of a board make up the board.

Whether a board of directors is dysfunctional or functional depends on each member that defines it. In a typical dysfunctional scenario, which won’t add any value to the future success of a company, board members may be CEOs and other executives who lack industry expertise. Such board members may be learned in fields other than which the company is a part of.

On the other hand, adequate board members are selected on the basis of their personalities too. Just because members of a board of directors may be loud and brash, this does not translate to confidence and effectiveness in key decision-making.

Clarity in policies

After a thorough screening of potential board members takes place and a few are shortlisted, clarity in policies is the next step towards efficiency. Board placement services emphasize this to newly hired board members at the start. It is a requirement of the board to fix clear policies and guidelines for the management of meetings, the operation of financial reviews, and ways to handle emergencies efficiently.

The factors of accountability, role expectations, and governance of the board of directors are crucial in policy-making processes. The goal of a board is to be stable in every situation related to organizational operations.

Close ties with CEOs

The most successful boards have great CEOs with whom they maintain close communication with regularity and frequency. The ideal frequency of communication between a solid board of directors and a good CEO is once a week at the minimum. It could also be once every month at the maximum.

Nonetheless, board of directors hiring services stress that this is important and that a regular schedule is set at the start. The vital role that communication plays is to update the board on the prime metrics and operational challenges (if any). This aids CEOs in gaining any consensus on decisions from the board quickly. Board members must always be in the know of any issues, including those concerning investors, partners and clients.

Communication is the key

To maximize the efficiency of a board of directors, CEOs must implement actions that are interactive instead of passive. For instance, while board meetings may require presentations, they should also consist of interactive discussions. An exchange of ideas leads to brainstorming and gets board members to get more involved in the company’s operations.

Furthermore, investors should be kept informed of any successes and failures, so that their wisdom can be used. This, taken up by the CEO up to the board level can be an effective tool for future company success. The success of any company has links with the board, the CEO and investors, as well as employees and staff. Everyone has a significant role to play.


Maximizing the efficiency of the board of directors translates to priming the company for success. The above-mentioned tips can come in handy for increasing the efficiency of your board of directors.


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