IT systems offer immense power: how to harness it


This guide outlines how to make the most of powerful IT systems in your business.
A digital presence forms a core part of the modern business management process – but how many business owners can say that they’ve truly mastered the use of IT systems and enterprise software?  According to research by the Harvard Business Review, the outlook is bleak.
Up to 80% of companies accelerated their own digital transformation projects in 2021, and yet 70% reported falling far short of their ultimate objective. There is a clear gap in the scale and success of digital change in businesses, despite the best intentions.

Harness the power of IT systems

The good news is that it is women who are overwhelmingly applying themselves to the matter of using their digital IT systems in a smart fashion. Taking the opportunity to take stock of business software, and how it can make businesses succeed, is essential in getting ahead of the competition.
Simply having a digital presence isn’t enough to create sustainable growth; but women are prime-placed to take advantage of the new tech drive.

Developing rudimentary coding skills

Digital skills are more in demand than they ever have been before. Statistics compiled by Google indicate that up to 80% of business roles now require higher than moderate IT skills, and that this has a trickle effect the higher up you go in business. Increasingly, CEOs and directors need to have the coding skills that they themselves expect to see in product deployment in order to deliver truly transformative products.
Fortunately, this has been made easier in recent years by packages included with many popular operating systems and business platforms. A good example of this is PowerShell. PowerShell has built on the principles of Visual Basic, a language that is easily learned, but difficult to master, giving users a huge flexibility in what they produce.
What PowerShell can do in IT systems is start working with server environments to automate areas of the business – leading to lowered error rates in actions such as data management, which is essential to proper social media marketing. For instance, the PowerShell copy-item function to automate the filing of customer details from data intake to static databases.

Putting it to work

Developing these IT systems skills will then provide a foundation on which to push and start getting more out of software. With some automation in place, the first area to look at generating greater levels of engagement with software is in product management.
According to McKinsey, product managers are at the heart of every good digital service, and using automation to fully enable them is crucial. Taking time away from repetitive administrative tasks generates more time for quality development and product development, which is something every business cherishes.
For start-ups where you may be holding the role of product manager alongside every other responsibility, this benefit is even more pronounced. Developing coding skills will give you the eye for detail and fine hand needed to quickly remove extraneous processes from your product management process. This, in turn, will ensure that you are always improving – something of critical importance in the world of business.
Developing empowerment
Demonstrating programming skills from the very top of the business will help to empower everyone below you in the command structure. This is another key point that McKinsey hit on in their recommendation that staff at all grades within the business structure get their own digital skills. Having the skills to be able to consider the fine detail of your proposals and technology will enable better conversations with your engineers.
This empowerment can be important, especially for women. Diane Greene is one of the most noted female start-up entrepreneurs of recent years, with her work first at VMWare and then Bebop, now acquired by Google Cloud. As one profile of Greene in NetworkWorld highlights, her early success came from the empowerment and knowledge she had as a programmer; the skills she had built enabled her to get stuck in and start making real change to her services and products, ultimately to a successful conclusion.
Taking a step back
Most start-up and business owners will find that they eventually want to step back from the shop floor and start focusing on wider business strategy. Empowerment builds a successful foundation here, enabling the company to keep succeeding in the image of its creator. However, having a tech-focused business model is also crucial with regards to attracting the best talent and creating long-term success.
According to The Guardian, the best new Gen-Z hires are tech savvy and digitally proficient; they demand workplaces that enable them to use their digital skills, and build careers around services and platforms that help, rather than hinder, their work. Businesses absolutely have to conform to this; the charge of automation will mean that business software, and getting the most out of it, is crucial, but that can only happen with the right talent. It takes people to drive software and ensure that its data is being used correctly, and also to look out for the latest innovations. A business can’t stand still, but building in a culture of continuous improvement and programming excellence will ensure that the best developments are captured.
What does this mean for female business owners today? Firstly, building those skills that aren’t expected of top-level company directors is key. Even the most rudimentary coding skills will open the door to a host of ways to develop the business and create more time for the quality interactions that really help business owners to take their product and elevate it further.
What these skills also provide are inroads to using software to its fullest extent. The most prized software suites don’t come ready-to-go – they require experience, hard work and nous to really get the most out of. Business owners with their head in the game when it comes to programming will ensure that they are able to harness software in that manner. Through this comes empowerment, and inspiration for the next generation of programmers, hires and business owners to go and succeed themselves.

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