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Job interview follow up increases your chances: how to do it


You increase your chances of landing a position when you use these tactics for a job interview follow up.

Apart from updating the details in your resume and preparing an impressive portfolio, you probably make sure to prepare for your interview as well. This might include doing some research about the company you are applying to and practice answering potential interview questions. But while getting ready before a job interview is good practice, you also need to think about what you do after the interview.

Best ways to do a job interview follow up

In the best-case scenario, you would receive an offer for the position before leaving the interview room. If this doesn’t happen, you still have a few opportunities to impress the recruiter and improve your chances of being employed. Whether you just completed an interview for a job hiring in Manila or elsewhere, here are the best ways to do a job interview follow up in your application process.

Send a Thank-You Note within 24 Hours

A job interview follow up message on the same day as the interview is acceptable and can even help increase the chances of getting hired. Many hiring managers appreciate receiving a thank-you note from an applicant because it shows their professional courtesy, and its effect is heightened when you send the message within 24 hours of your interview. The timing ensures that their memory of the interview is still fresh and helps to distinguish you from all the other applicants that they may have met that day.

Although you don’t want to let more than 24 hours pass before thanking the employer, it’s best not to rush composing the message. A generic or poorly-written note can show that you didn’t take your time to reflect on what happened in the interview. The hiring manager can also get the impression that you prepared the thank-you note in advance and casually sent it as soon as you exited their office. As such, take a couple of hours to think about what you want to include in the thank-you message before sending it.

Follow Up through Email

A professional way to send a job interview follow up message or thank-you note after an interview is through email. Hiring managers can get quite busy so calling them up might seem too intrusive during their valuable work hours.

Also, make sure to send follow-up emails within the company’s operating hours. Typically, this can be between nine in the morning and five in the afternoon. Sending a message beyond work hours can be seen as unprofessional and may negatively affect your application. This also applies to sending a thank-you email after an interview. If your interview ended late in the afternoon, it’s best to send the thank-you email the next working day.

Craft a Professional Message

When creating a job interview follow up email, you need to ensure it sounds professional and friendly so you leave a positive impression on the hiring manager. It’s also best to make the message short and on point. This way, the recipient can quickly understand what you want to convey at first glance. It can also encourage them to respond immediately since it won’t take them so much time to decipher your message. You can also be upfront about the purpose of your email by placing your name and the job position you’re applying for in the subject line.

In the message’s body, introduce who you are and include the details of your job interview. It’s a good idea to mention something you discussed during your interview to help refresh the recipient’s memory. Then, restate your interest in the position and emphasize why you’re the best candidate for the role. It will help support your statement to include a few sentences about any relevant experience or major accomplishments you have.

End the email by letting the prospective employer know that you can provide additional information if needed and that you’re looking forward to talking to them again. If you want to increase your chances of getting a response, you can add a polite call to action in the email. This can be a follow-up question about the typical time frame of their hiring process or a different position you are also qualified to apply for.

Avoid Following Up Too Often

A common concern among job applicants is knowing when to check in with the hiring manager and how often to do it. Apart from the thank-you email you send within 24 hours after the interview, you can give about 10 business days before following up on your application if you haven’t heard anything back. Wait another 10 business days before reaching out again to avoid being a nuisance.

If you’ve made several attempts and aren’t making progress with your application, let go and move on to the next opportunity. To have a better gauge of whether you need to let go of the application or be persistent, make sure to ask about the company’s time frame for hiring during your interview. Knowing the expected duration will help manage your expectations and give you a realistic view of your next steps.


Sending a job interview follow up email after your interview can help increase your chances of getting hired because it helps to keep your application top of mind. Do this with the same careful consideration that you apply to the rest of your application. So before you press the send button in your email, remember to take note of these suggestions.

Crizel M. Carbellido is a freelance writer and a teacher by profession. She spends a lot of time studying how technology drastically transforms lifestyles and communities. Outside the office, she keeps herself busy by traveling across different towns and cities and she loves to dance and sing to her favorite Rihanna songs.


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