Marketing items and tools your team should always have on hand


This guide outlines 5 indispensable marketing items and tools your team should always be equipped with, if you want them to have the best impact.

Marketing is becoming an increasingly hectic yet exciting field. All businesses, big and small, strive to get noticed, establish a presence, and make a mark. Even people and companies offering professional services appreciate the need for effective marketing.

Often, the type of work marketing firms and teams engage with entails jumping around between meetings or having to work on the go, especially if your marketing work involves event planning and organization. With that, there are some essential marketing items and tools every marketing team should have to ensure they are prepared and make the job a bit easier.

5 crucial marketing items and tools

  1. Business Cards

Sharing business cards may seem outdated to some, but it is an impactful one of the marketing items and tools to make a strong first impression and show your preparedness. Not only do business cards share contact info, but they also give a glimpse into the aesthetics of your brand. Use this as an opportunity to make a strong first impression by giving people a tactile connection to you and your company.

It can be tempting to fill a business card with all the information you want to present, but it’s something you should be cautious about. Use your creativity to make an impact. Keep it simple and sleek, and choose the right business card that will best present your company and brand. Use readable fonts and simple and subtle images when needed. As much as possible, avoid using cheap materials or cheap-looking colors and finishes.

  1. Pens to Share

Computers and electronic devices are doing most of the note-taking these days. This means people are becoming more in need of pens as it is not an item they think to grab often. Use this frequent occurrence as an opportunity to share your logo by carrying branded pens to share as a key one of your  marketing items.

Be sure to get a pen that writes well and is durable, so people will keep it and increase your brand’s visibility. To save costs, purchase personalized pens in bulk. This way, you will also have uniformity in your item and will have fewer problems in designing. A good handy pen is something team members can use anywhere and give away easily, both giving your brand visibility. So stock up and let team members have a few pens to share with other people from time to time.

  1. Pro Email Access

Emails have a way of accumulating if you don’t look at them every few hours. Many marketing matters can be time-sensitive, which means responding to emails promptly is essential to business. Make sure to choose an email service provider or email hosting service for your business that has all the functions you need, is ergonomic and can get up to speed with the way your team works.

A standardized way of sorting and organizing email and folders can also help marketing teams focus on their task and high-priority projects. It helps to have your email on your cell phone or tablet that you carry with you during the day for speedy access.

However, be sure to put some boundaries in place and turn off notifications after a certain time of day. It’s great to be accessible during working hours, but outside of working hours is your time to decompress. Especially for your marketing teams, who are always conceptualizing, thinking, scrutinizing, and diligently monitoring campaigns, emails, and socials. It is important to remind them of boundaries, recreation, and rest after working hours.

  1. Mobile Brand Deck

Along with access to email, have some way of sharing info about your company with a one-sheet or brand deck as one of your prime marketing items. A complete brand book or business deck can help keep your business and operations in brand as you go along, but you don’t have to share the whole document with others all the time.

At most, a simple, creatively crafted one-pager or a brand deck with several slides will do when you need to make a quick pitch. It’s compact, easy to store and easy to share, saving you or your team from blabbering when someone asks about your business and services.

The best way is to have a PDF saved on your phone, in an email, or on centralized cloud storage, where you can pull it up and email or text it over quickly. You never know who you will come across in the marketing world, so always be prepared with an elevator pitch or the quickest, most efficient way to explain your brand.

  1. Contacts

In business, it is often all about who you know. But, without access to your contacts, you can’t really reach out to who you know or share it with others. Keep your phone’s contacts up-to-date with details about the person’s company and role.

Building connections through professional networking sites like LinkedIn can also help, as these allow you to put your brand and identity on a page ready to be shared for people you want to reach out to and connect with.

Such networking sites have mobile apps available, so consider having them on your devices too as important marketing items and tools. Let team members also set up and manage their own professional social media pages and, in a way, represent your business. This way, they can draw more prospects in.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social and multimedia media platforms and your own website are also vital parts in building contact lists. They are substantial in exhibiting your brand and your work, so try to use these channels and maximize their impact by making sure you have your business’ contact details published in them. Also, it can make it easy for people to gain your contact info with a detailed email signature, so craft a simple one that emphasizes your brand.


A marketing team is often a medley of uniquely creative, customer-centered, business-minded people, driven to deliver results and foster growth. They can make wonders and turn a brand and a product into something influential or even revolutionary.

When provided with the right marketing items and tools, your marketing team can successfully usher in new opportunities and execute campaigns and projects that can skyrocket your brand.

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