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Moving abroad for work? 7 tactics to be well-prepared


This guide outlines 7 things to be prepared for when moving abroad, to make going overseas smoother.

Relocating to an entirely new country can be a bit of a challenge, to put it lightly. While it’s an amazing adventure with so many fun experiences in wait, there’s also a lot you’ll need to figure out and adjust to along the way.

Something that can be helpful when going into a big change is being prepared, at least mentally, for what’s in store for you. When you’re expecting a change and a struggle, it can feel a little easier to manage when it actually hits you.

7 things to prepare for moving abroad

If you’re moving abroad in the near future, here are seven things to be prepared for on your journey.

Culture Shock

This won’t necessarily apply to every relocation, but if you’re moving abroad to somewhere that’s vastly different from your home country, you’re certainly going to experience culture shock. As an expat, you’ll suddenly be exposed to a whole different world.

Different languages, cultures, foods, and social norms can be exciting but also a little overwhelming to adapt to all at once. You can counter this a little by getting clued up on the culture before you arrive, start practicing any new languages you may need to know, and getting yourself excited for new meals to try out.

Financial Consequences

This is something you should understand before you make the move: it’s going to be expensive moving abroad. The cost of relocating can be immense, and there’s a large chance you won’t be left with a scrap of savings once you reach the other side.

Planning a budget for all the moving expenses is important. Account for travel documents like visas and renewing your passport, flight tickets, temporary accommodation, transport like car hire, and a major one: shipping your belongings across the world. If you plan to do so, remember that this will be one of your biggest expenses.

Meeting New People

When moving abroad, there’s a large chance that you won’t know anybody around your new home and you’ll need to make new friends. This can be tougher than usual when you don’t know the language and aren’t familiar with the community you find yourself in.

It might be a good idea to reach out to people on social media. See if you can find a local community of expats or immigrants, and get in touch with someone who will be able to guide you around the city, introduce you to some nice local hangout spots, and generally support you in your quest to adjust to your new life.

A Different Cost of Living

Always remember that different products hold different value across the world, and paired with differing economies, this means your budget can look very different in your new home. It’s important that you learn how to manage your budget in your new country and understand how your spending habits may need to change.

You might be spending less of your income on rent after moving abroad, but way more on groceries than ever before. You may be shocked to find that your pantry staples from your home country are suddenly exorbitantly expensive, and you need to change up your cooking style.

Different Healthcare

Another change to anticipate in moving abroad is the healthcare system: no two countries are completely alike! Make sure you know the deal with it comes to public versus private healthcare and what kind of care you qualify for as a foreigner.

Looking into international health insurance might be a good step to take, and you shouldn’t forget to cancel your old health insurance policies back home, since they likely won’t cover you abroad!

Struggling to Understand

Even if you’re moving abroad to a country where English is one of the main languages spoken, keep in mind that you might still struggle to understand people for a while.

Accents can differ vastly, and even two speakers of the same language might have trouble deciphering each other’s accents. Another thing to think about is slang and simple cultural differences in language. People from other cultures might have different meanings for certain words, and it might take you some time to cotton on – this is where having local friends to back you up can be helpful.

Changing as a Person

Finally, you need to be prepared for the change you will likely see in yourself after moving abroad. Taking the brave step to move to a whole new country and restart your life somewhere new is something that requires major growth.

Not only will you become stronger and more resilient, but your new experiences will broaden your perspective and help shape your worldview and values. You might find that the experience changes you into someone you never thought you would be, but typically, these changes are all for the better.

Learning more about the world and considering new perspectives is never a bad thing!

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