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Why we need to stop saying ‘just a mom’


This International Women’s Day (IWD) we should shine the light on all the mothers across the globe. I am sadly a witness to mothers being seen as less than important. In fact, some companies still view staff having family responsibilities as a hassle — or even as a liability.

This attitude across society and the business community has resulted in mothers too often saying “I’m just a mom” especially when asked “what do you do?” … Or “tell me about yourself.”

This makes my blood boil and heart break all at the same time.

My instant response is to say “you are not ‘just’ a mom” … you are a mother and that is one of the most important jobs in this world.

Let me say too that I am myself not a mother. This article is coming from someone who is a product of a wonderful mom without whom I would not be the person I am today.

Mothers are the glue that holds a family together. They are schedule keepers, motivators, multitaskers and smile makers.

Moms fix broken toys, broken hearts and even broken dreams.

Moms who stay at home to raise their children are awesome and moms who go to work and raise their children are awesome.

Moms are responsible (sometimes single-handedly) for our next generation of leaders, change makers and all round influences on how this world will be run.

However, mothers are fighting an uphill battle with societal views that their value is low and their contribution to society not as important. Hence the term “just a mom” is used by mothers themselves and others (albeit sometimes only in their minds). This needs to change. Globally.

First in the minds of mothers (they may need our help to remind them!). Then in the minds of anyone who knows a mom — or had a mom.

The more we speak up and bring attention to this wrong stereotype, the more we will see mothers everywhere build their confidence. And over time, the perceived value of a mom will finally be the same as the real value.

P.S Dads are awesome too. But note that you will rarely hear a male say he’s “just a dad” — even if he is the full-time caretaker of his children.

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