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Boosting productivity: blank invoice templates to improving employee engagement


This guide outlines several clever productivity hacks that will streamline your business for more efficiency and results. Amd these productivity hacks can be implemented without putting more pressure on your employees!
In a typical month, the share of workers leaving their jobs is around 2.0%, give or take a few decimal points. However, according to the Federal Reserve Bank, throughout 2021 that rate rose steadily, reaching 2.8% last April, 2.9% in September, and a record high of 3.0% in December. In what has been termed the “Great Resignation,” many employees left their jobs for greener pastures with over 17% citing burnout as the reason.
This underscores the need for companies to find productivity hacks that do not place undue pressure on their employees. A burned-out, tired employee is not a productive employee, and a company with high turnover rates is not a productive company So how can business leaders improve productivity in their companies while still taking care of their employees?

Smart productivity hacks for business

Streamline Communication

Unfortunately, there is no single magic productivity hack that will cause productivity in the workplace to skyrocket. Rather, a team’s productivity is largely based on many little productivity hacks that add up to greater efficiency. One of these things is improved communication. According to a McKinsey report, workers spend 20% of their workweek on average gathering information or finding the right person to help them in specific tasks. This suggests that streamlining the communication channels and making it easy to find out the role and capabilities of each employee will significantly improve productivity.
Communication systems designed for workplaces such as Slack can streamline team communications vastly. In contrast to emails, which can get buried in spam or end up in the wrong folder, Slack messages get to the right people at the right time and keep workplace interactions separate from personal ones. Considering we spend on average 13 hours a week on emails, this is a key area of focus for improving efficiency. It is also important to encourage employees to keep messages short and to the point, and to avoid sending messages outside of business hours.

Slash Time Spent at Meetings

Another one of the productivity hacks where efficiency can be maximized is meetings. According to Verizon, employees spend nearly 87 hours per month in meetings, which adds up to approximately $37 billion lost per year in the USA. Reassess your meeting schedule and decide which meetings are strictly necessary, and which can be removed or replaced with an email.
In addition, be more intentional about who attends meetings. Too often, meetings include an entire team, when it does not concern every employee. This prevents those employees from using their time to focus on high-priority tasks. Lastly, streamline meeting structure – by keeping it concise and not allowing the meeting to slip into idle chatter, you can usually cover all the important points in 15-20 minutes.

Use an Invoice Template

Think of all the little things in your workplace that are taking up more time than they should and consider how they can be streamlined with productivity hacks. For example, do the employees in charge of invoicing create invoices from scratch every time? It may seem like a small thing, but this adds completely unnecessary time to a task that can be done much faster when using an invoice template for invoices to be paid from.
With a blank invoice template, all the key sections are laid out and all that must be done is to fill in the relevant information. In addition, many invoicing templates have a Pay Now button that enables your clients to interact with an electronic invoice easily and quickly and make a payment.

Focus On Employee Engagement

Improving employee engagement is key to enhancing productivity levels and reducing absenteeism as well as employee turnover. According to leading consulting company Gallup, employers that have made efforts to engage their workforce see 41% less absenteeism. In the same report, Gallup noted that companies with a highly engaged workforce have 17% higher productivity than companies with a disengaged workforce. This begs the question, what steps should companies take to boost employee engagement?

Communicate Clearly and Directly

Good communication is important not only as one of the productivity hacks to improve efficiency, but to also keep everyone in the loop and avoid employees feeling disconnected. If employees do not know about key developments in the company, this can lead to both confusion and a sense of being undervalued and ignored. Research shows that this is even more important when teams function virtually. A good communications system or dedicated internal communications team can help here. Employees want to know not only the information they need for their own tasks, but also how they fit into the wider picture of company goals.

Listen to Your Employees

The other side of good communication productivity hacks is providing a space where employees can easily communicate their concerns and ideas and feel heard. This means not only listening to what team members have to say, but also to act on it when they are raising a valid issue or providing valuable input. According to a survey of employees across the US and Canada, 64% said that a key reason for not taking initiative at their workplace was leaders making decisions without input. In addition, 38% percent of respondents cited leaders dismissing their ideas without exploring them as a key reason. In contrast, when employees feel that their voices are heard, they will want to put in their best efforts, which will boost engagement and productivity all round.

Offer Opportunities for Advancement

According to a 2021 poll, a whopping 80% of workers do not think their current employer offers growth opportunities. What’s more, 29% of workers named lack of growth opportunities as their reason for wanting to quit. Outlining a path for career growth as one of the productivity hacks will keep employees engaged, allowing you to retain top talent. Providing training and training and mentoring opportunities could be an important element of this, as well as outlining a potential trajectory for newer employees.

A continual challenge

In the end, boosting productivity in the workplace is a multifaceted, ongoing project that must be constantly revised and adjusted. Steps that can be taken to raise productivity range from ambitious plans to improve employee engagement, to small adjustments to save time. Both the smaller productivity hacks and the larger goals are key to sustained growth and a happy and productive workforce.

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