Relocating a business is easier when employees are properly motivated


Relocating a business is often necessary for its growth or many other reasons. The best way to keep your employees motivated when relocating a business is by offering a package to them that is hard to resist and also ensuring them that you will support them throughout the entire process from start to end.

Retaining the majority of the workforce is not an easy job, you have to keep them happy and satisfied to make the entire process of relocating a business seamless as much as possible. The top moving companies near me working closely with Moving Apt state that relocating a business is not only a big change for your business but also for the employees.

Motivate employees when you relocating a business

This is the big time for them, therefore you will find yourself struggling in finding ways to keep them motivated from time to time. Luckily there are some effective techniques present out there that help you to keep your staff engaged and motivated during the tough time of the relocation process. Check out these:

Communicate early

Employee communication is one of the most important parts of any successful process for relocating a business. As soon as you decide, be sure you inform about the same to the employees and the entire team working in your office. Call everyone for an office-wide meeting and inform everyone about the same. When discussing your decision, let employees voice their opinions. You should involve them as much as possible and should ask about their opinions about the relocation process and new space.

Empower employees

You should ask your employees about the ideas for the new office layout and design. Asking for their advice helps you to make a better environment of your new office according to the employees resulting in better productivity. You can get good ideas from them and can implement the same.

Create relocation packages that suit their needs

Employees will get ready to move only when they get good offers. If you meet their need then they might get excited about relocating a business. When making packages, you need to consider the background of the employees so that you can cater the package according to that.

Your company should cover the expenses of their relocation. Though depending on the worth of the workers, you should decide how much you can afford to spend it. After all, you need to take every decision that is in favour of your business. Usually, a package offers things like moving expenses, a long-term job, and temporary housing.

Offer them incentives and rewards

A little extra incentive during the relocation process keeps your employees happy. This helps them be motivated. Give them friendly rewards that keep their spirit high during the relocation process. Companies should also offer employees a pay raise or a moving bonus. This is the key to retention.

Delegate them jobs

To make them feel motivated and proud, it is great to have a detailed plan of everything by assigning them tasks in relocating a business. Relocation is such a huge task therefore nobody can do everything by themselves. Therefore, it is important to delegate jobs to the employees. This will involve the employees during the process and makes them feel happy.

Be flexible with the timeline

Settling a flexible moving timeline allows employees to relocate at their pace. Employees have significant others such as spouses, kids, grandparents and so on and they have to deal with them. There are a lot of other responsibilities that they have to fulfill in their lives like finding a new school in a new place, they might require time to sell their homes, and so on. If you are not restricted and change yourself according to your employees then this shows that you value and respect your employees.

Stay positive

You know that smiles are contagious so if you stay positive then you can keep your staff positive and encouraged. When you are happy and put in some effort then you can also keep your staff happy to work for you and if they would like to relocate to work in your organization. This keeps the good vibes coming.

While you work on your employee’s motivation, you need to ensure that you are well-prepared for the tough process ahead. Yes, as a business owner, you also need to prepare yourself to face the complications of relocating a business. Several things can go wrong and you must pre-plan for it.

So, what could possibly go wrong? Here are a few examples:

  • Problem with transportation

Communication gap with the moving company can be a big problem. Always have a dedicated manager to communicate with the moving company and ask for the same from the moving service provider.

  • Employees not willing to relocate

Yes, your employees can turn you down when it comes to relocation. Some would not prefer to move their families while others would have other connections with the existing location. In such a case, the above-mentioned motivation tips would work the best.

  • Lack of arrangements

Always ensure that you have made all the arrangements in the new location for an office move., from electrical fittings to plumbing and office layout, all must be prepared in advance to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Failing to contact the associates

Whether it is your clients of vendors & suppliers, make sure you intimate them of the address change in advance. This will help you avoid any productivity loss after you move to the new office. Make sure you send a notice to all your associates at least 2 weeks before the moving date.

  • Poor financial planning

Finally, not planning your financial resources well can be the worst mistake to commit when moving an office. Sit with your team and decide on a set financial plan to ensure you have enough resources to fuel the relocation process and run the business simultaneously.

Wrapping it all up

Employee motivation is an indispensable aspect of the success of any business relocation. This is the time when you don’t just have to think about the relocation tasks but also about the retention of the employees. Now, these tips will help you to cultivate motivation and enthusiasm among your staff so they get ready to relocate along with the organization.

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