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Stop depending on men


Independence is crucial, and being an independent woman is a goal we all strive for. We preach it in our social media posts and proclaim it when we are networking. However, deep down, many women still seem to hope that a man will rescue them, or that the men they are surrounded by now will always be there to help.

This is not true. And depending on a man is a very dangerous position to put yourself in. It is time to stop depending on men.

Now let me preface by saying there is nothing wrong by having a man support you! This is wonderful, whether it is in business or personally. But you are venturing into risky territory the moment you start to change your behaviours and decision-making patterns because you believe a man will always be there for you when things get tough.


A man is not a financial plan

When we depend on a man to support us financially, we subconsciously — and sometimes consciously – stop self-positioning ourselves as being professional or business women.

A man is not a financial plan, whether he is currently paying the bills for you or not. Tomorrow is another day and a lot can happen in 24 hours.

In addition, expecting a man to take financial responsibility for you means you forget — or never learn — to be responsible for yourself. If you fritter your money away thinking one day a man may rescue you, you could be waiting a very long time.


Long-term independence

Relying on yourself for income and security is the only way to ensure it will continue. When you are the beginning and the end of all money making activities you become very frugal with your money. You also question your expenses and stand up for yourself when it comes to charging for your services. The only way to build long-term independence in the future is to start taking steps towards it now. Today.


The never-ending promise

When we rely on men in business, we are putting all our hope into the hands of someone who in many cases, has an agenda of their own. Business men are masters of manipulation and it is not uncommon for them to promise you the world to get what they need now — and soon enough you will have spent years waiting for the ‘opportunity’ that will never happen.

Working with men can be brilliant, as long as we don’t become comfortable with the idea that one day that man — or any other man — will be the answer to all your troubles. In reality, they will only create a few more.

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