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    Promoted women are more likely to divorce

    Times have changed and continue to change, and in modern times, women are beginning to enjoy more opportunities that were previously non-existent. The dream of most women is to have a loving husband and kids...

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    How to make yourself more promotable

    What are you known for at work?  How do people perceive the role you play and the potential you bring?  The simple reality is to be promoted you need to be noticed, for the right...

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    The best way to the top is never a straight line

    The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  You have heard this saying at some point in your life, however, it is different when you are in the process of making positive change,...

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    6 ways to succeed in your career

    So, you’re having a tough year at work!  Do some days seem to drag on endlessly?  Are there times when you wish you were anywhere other than at work?  Do you fear losing your sanity...

  • what is imposter syndrome boss lady company image how to become a manager

    It’s time to disrupt yourself

    The rules of work have changed and to stay in the game you need to know how to adapt to them and, at times, break them. In the past, the rules of the game were...

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    Asking for a raise: 5 things you should say to your boss

    This guide outlines the 5 crucial things you should talk about when asking for a raise in your pay. Your annual performance review coming up? Are you about to sit face to face with your...

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