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    Why you shouldn’t be scared to hire for ‘cultural fit’

    As a recruitment expert and company founder, I find many employers and employees are totally clueless when it comes to hiring for so-called cultural fit. Hiring for cultural fit is often seen as the “holy...

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    3 ways to cultivate mindfulness in the workplace

    After decades of the global workweek getting longer and longer, and almost a decade of needing to be ‘always on’ in many workplaces, many employers are shifting gears. The notion of working smart, not hard,...

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    How to build a more conscious team and mindful workplace culture

    There’s a reason many of the world’s biggest corporations and start-ups such as Google, Apple, Goldman Sachs and Nike practise mindfulness. Research shows that mindfulness in the workplace reduces stress, makes people better leaders, aids concentration and enables greater self-awareness. Mindfulness...