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Tips on how to melt your work stress away


A modern workplace is an incubator for a variety of stress inducers. An average employee is interrupted seven times over the course of an hour, and is distracted for at least two hours a day. This doesn’t seem like a perfect setup for productivity, does it? Alas, people have become so accustomed to the vicious cycle of work and stress that they almost rely on it as a stimulant. However, this stress-packed circuit is a double-edged sword. The devastating impact of leading a life full of hustle and bustle is felt over the long haul. The prospect of avoiding the stress altogether is an illusion, but reducing its level is an endeavor everyone can undertake.

Know your enemy

A fast-paced, stress-charged work environment conceals a myriad of potential pitfalls. Tiptoeing in the dark is not the best way to pinpoint them. Note that triggers of stress differ from person to person, although there are some difficulties like meeting the deadlines that most workers are faced with. Other stressors are not directly linked to the workplace, and might be self-imposed. It is a good idea to keep a diary or at least write down your observations about things that make you feel anxious or irritated. Revealing the patterns and agents of stress enables you to avoid or mitigate their influence.

A list of priorities

With a ton of daily projects, feeling overwhelmed is a natural reaction. When your back is pressed against the wall, it is time to take a deep breath, schedule your day, and get your priorities straight. Face challenges head-on and in a timely fashion. Steer away from multitasking, as this practice only adds fuel to the work stress fire. Do similar tasks in blocks, and list them in the order of priority.   This is a great way to keep the focus throughout the day, instead of switching back and forth between different tasks. The feeling of being in control is the key to keeping your cool and saving some energy in your reservoirs after work.

Opening up

People keep a lot to themselves, turning themselves into walking time bombs. You are much better off sharing your problems with others. This acts as a stress buffer and gives you another take on the problems. Moreover, advice and support from the co-workers often provides a push in the right direction. But, those who do not feel like sharing should know that there is also an option to seek the help of professional institutions. They offer unparalleled confidentiality, assistance and counseling. On top of that, there are also a psychological assessments available to those who suffer from work-related stress.

Strike a fine balance

Research has shown that workers need a break every now and then to stay at the top of their obligations. What helps them rejuvenate after a tough day at work is family, friends, spare time and plenty of rest. Creating a successful work-life balance does not come easy, though. Many are those who wake up at night plagued by stressful daily events. Well, one thing you can do is to engage in some relaxing activity like yoga or jump on the fitness bandwagon. The sense of tranquility and accomplishment can dispel the negative emotions and restore the much-needed balance in life. Other than that, traveling is always an option. The question of a budget always comes to mind, but there are agencies that do not allow you to worry about that. For example, Travel Pay, WorldWide Holidays, Intrepid Traveller, LayAway Travel, and Travel Online will all let you lock in holiday prices and exchange rates while you pay off your holiday.

A Pandora’s Box

Stress is the great menace of modern life, lurking in the shadows of our own lifestyle choices and work obligations. When the everyday distractions and stressors add up, they create an insurmountable obstacle on the road to leading a fulfilled and successful life. Even worse, those who expose themselves to excessive amounts of stress put their physical and mental health at great risk. So, keep the stressed contained in a box, with walls composed of positive emotions, rejuvenating activities, self-discipline and support of others.

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