VoIP phone service communications set to boom


This guide outlines the predicted rapid growth in VoIP phone service use, and the benefits.

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has been around for many years and serves as an effective alternative to landline phones and cellular communications. VoIP phone service technology has improved and grown in recent years with a current global market of about $85 billion, according to Research and Markets.

As the world becomes more connected online and via cloud-based systems, the global VoIP market is expected to exceed $102 billion in just three years.

Researchers at Global Industry Analysts suggest it might grow more rapidly and top $183 billion by 2027. While the estimates of market growth vary, they all point to strong growth in the coming years.

Growth factors in VoIP phone service

The recent COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses and organizations to switch to remote work environments. The pandemic has eased and generally is regarded as endemic with no real end in sight, and the future might bring more.

Instead of resuming prior in-house work, lots of businesses, organizations, and their workers are maintaining remote work environments with no intention of stopping.

Helping the growth of VoIP phone service is the various systems’ relative affordability when compared to landlines, wired, and even wireless communications systems. With a VoIP system, you can enter someone’s name and it will initiate a VoIP call to that person.

Many resources on VoIP enable video conferencing, file sharing, and other communications that greatly enhance productivity while supporting remote work environments.

Scalability Enhances VoIP System Use

A VoIP phone service system is highly versatile and customizable. It is an ideal tool for startups that want first-rate communications capability without having to pay for extensive infrastructure to support broadband internet in an office space. A VoIP system does not require a large number of phones, workstations, or other hardware to function properly.

The nominal investment for installing a VoIP system makes it perfect for small businesses and other newly formed entities. As those businesses and other organizations grow in size and market share, they can add additional VoIP products, apps, and services.

The customization and scalability of VoIP services and products enable them to handle the increased communications demands of a growing organization.

Landline Systems Are Increasingly Obsolete

The emergence of cellular technology and the growth of the system over the past 20 years has caused many consumers to abandon their landlines. The convenience and reliability of cellular systems make landlines increasingly obsolete.

Even those who have landlines use them less and less and typically use cellular phones to communicate as they once did with landline phones.

As more people and organizations switch to cellular phones and similar cloud-based communications systems, landlines will continue to see decreased use and eventually might fold altogether. A VoIP phone service system can fill the void for businesses and other entities while offering very affordable and customizable solutions for their current and future communications needs.

Versatility Ensures the Growth of VoIP Communications

A quality VoIP phone service system can work on a variety of communications platforms ranging from the wired internet to cellular and satellite communications systems. Current VoIP systems can work equally well with 3G, 4G, and the newest 5G cellular systems. They are also compatible with a variety of satellite communications providers.

As those systems become more advanced and change over time, the VoIP systems likewise adapt and improve. The continual improvement in systems capabilities and reliability make them a perfect way for emerging businesses and other entities to provide workers, customers, and clients with highly reliable and effective communications.

Security Is Essential for VoIP Systems

Cybercriminals are an ever-present danger for internet-based systems. Unfortunately, the same is true of VoIP phone service systems. As more businesses and organizations adopt VoIP systems, cybercriminals adapt and target the systems with ever-changing methods and technologies.

Businesses and other organizations need to ensure their respective VoIP systems providers stay informed about emerging threats posed by hackers and other cybercriminals. The system providers and third parties must continually develop effective means to protect against high-tech threats and criminal activity.


No matter what your communications needs might be, it pays to give VoIP phone service systems a very close look. They are perfect solutions for communications needs and only will get better over time.

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