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Hit TV show American Horror Story might be based in supernatural fiction, but there are some real-world lessons we can learn from its female characters.

Strong and fearless in the face of adversity, they set great examples for digging in when those times come in the business world when you feel like giving up is the best option, the only option.

They show that while things are definitely going to get difficult for you sometimes,  its how you deal with them that counts.

As a Jezebel reviewer wrote: ‘the women of AHS are strong as hell. They are the kinds of women who, when punched in the face, will spit out a bloody tooth then throw a punch of their own. I’m not watching because I like to see them brutalized. I am watching because I like to see them fight back.’

Clearly, these are women who faced an endless amount of adversity and opposition.  But they are not defined by what they face, but how they face it.

These women prove that there are absolutely no limits to what you can achieve, as long as you possess the right qualities and we could stand to learn a few things from them. So go get your supernatural superpowers on…


Marie Laveau

The ‘Voodoo Queen’ of the show’s third season. Portrayed by Angela Bassett, she was often at disagreement with others over her actions, but they always understood why she made her decisions.

She was fiercely loyal and dedicated to protecting her people and ensuring her business flourished.  This of course caused her to gain her fair share of enemies, but she never backed down to any of them and wouldn’t stand for any disrespect. She was confident in her abilities and wasn’t afraid of anyone.

You need all these traits yourself, especially when it comes to business. Because if don’t believe in yourself and exude that confidence, you give people the power to walk all over you and that will get you nowhere in the business world.

Best Marie Laveau quote –

I don’t have time to argue with you. Either you’re with me or against me. And if it’s the latter, you best stay out of my way.’


Fiona Goode

Each character Jessica Lange has portrayed in American Horror Story has been a strong woman in their own right.  However the character of Fiona in season three is arguably the strongest.

She was introduced as the leader of the Coven, and also as unwilling to step down from that role and pass on the torch.

She was cold, calculating and ruthless but was also incredibly smart and did show occasional acts of kindness. But she never lacked in confidence.

Fiona’s ability to always think ahead, have a plan B and put herself first is one more women should have in business. We have discussed before that women can at times prefer to be friends with people and avoid confrontation.

But if you find that certain people aren’t helping you in business, its okay to cut them loose as Fiona would, in fact it’s vital that you do. Perhaps not as violently as Fiona would at times, however.


Best Fiona Goode quote –

‘I am Fiona Goode. I’m in charge everywhere.’


Lana Winters

Lana Winters was a character from the second season of American Horror Story, portrayed by Sarah Paulson. Lana may possibly be the strongest female ever shown in the series.

She was stripped of her freedom and made to appear insane; her partner was murdered, and she was kidnapped and fell pregnant after her captor raped her.

But through all this she never gave up. She kept fighting back because she wanted to expose all the dark horrors she had uncovered since the beginning of the season ⎯ and eventually she did just that. Lana Winters is a character all of us should learn from.

After everything she went through it would have been easy for her to give up but that would mean giving up what she believed in. And none of us should ever do that, especially in regard to our career aspirations. Lana certainly didn’t and she ended up achieving everything she wanted.


Best Lana Winters quote:

Detective Byers – ‘You’re one tough cookie, you know that?’

Lana – I am tough. But I’m no cookie.

While Marie and Fiona may have done some truly horrific things in the show, the traits they possess ⎯ such as being incredibly confident and intolerant of disrespect ⎯ are ones we should all develop.

Lana Winters on the other hand was the hero of her season and rightfully so.

She went through some of the worst things imaginable but refused to back down.

But villain or hero, each of these American Horror Story women were ones no one would want to go up against ⎯ and that is the kind of businesswoman you should aspire to be.

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