When to hire employees: telltale signs it’s time to get staff


This guide outlines the clues that will tell you when to hire staff, with signs that show you are ready -and need to.

Your business is flourishing. Congratulations! You have worked hard and achieved a lot. You now find yourself wondering: is it time to hire your first employee? Only you can answer that question, and there are lots of things to factor into your thought process.

When to hire employees

That being said, some key tell-tale signs will help you to tell when to hire and whether your business is ready or not.

You’re Stretched Thin

One of the best reasons to consider bringing in an extra pair of hands is because you’re stretched thin, which is a clear sign of when to hire. You have more work coming in, but you still have to also tackle the admin side of things. This is a good junction for bringing in someone new to take care of the overflow of projects. You can train them to your standards and create a rapport while still nurturing the business that you have built.

You Have Financial Stability

Your business is bringing in a steady stream of cash and you have financial stability. Before you can think about when to hire someone new, you have to know that you can afford it. That means a reliable and expanding client base that will bring a reliable and expanding income. Without the proper funds, you can’t bring someone in.

You’re Prepared to Manage People

If you’re considering when to hire employees, you first have to know how to handle yourself as a boss. Because that is what you will be, a boss. Being in charge of other people’s workload is a whole world away from being in charge of yourself. Your responsibilities will grow and you need to know that you can mentally live up to the challenge.

You Need New Skills and Services

Sometimes, for a business to grow to the next level, you have to bring in new services. This may involve skills and services outside of your remit of ability. One potential resolution to this is to hire an external candidate to help you grow.

You Have Systems in Place

The big question to answer first in when to hire is how you will properly pay your employees. One simple answer is through ACH credit transaction services, provided by Envestnet | Yodlee. This is a secure service that can be used to deal with salary deposits or other employee-related costs. ACH pushes payments between accounts to move money from one place to another. It does this through account numbers and routing numbers. An ACH credit transaction is a fast, and low-cost method for creating a safe platform of payment. And, thanks to the associated benefits, it is growing in popularity and usage.


You will probably intuitively know when it’s time for you to expand your business and when to hire. Even if that’s not the case, there are some major flags when it is time that are hard to ignore. Hiring an employee can be a daunting prospect. However, there are circumstances where it can only credit your business further, not harm it. When done right, it could be the thing that boosts your business into the next stage of success.

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