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Why every businesswoman needs an entourage


What do all successful business women have in common?  Whether they are a politician, celebrity, athlete, medical professional or business owner, there is one key point that all of these people share. They don’t even try to do it all themselves. They have an entourage. And every businesswoman needs an entourage to give her that extra help in achieving serious success.

When you see a politician delivering a speech or a film star collecting an award what do they have in common? Behind that picture of perfection is an entourage of people who have all contributed towards them looking fabulous, delivering a fantastic speech, getting to where they needed to be in time and ensuring their safety when it is time for them to leave to return to the privacy of their homes.

Many famous people have a personal stylist, who choses their image and brand, including their clothes, hair style, makeup.  They have a personal chef, personal trainer, bodyguard, nanny for their children, as well as a PA who co-ordinates between this entourage and the famous person.

You may be thinking ‘what has this got to do with me, as a business person?’. Well, it has everything to do with you!

You don’t get to be a highly successful business person by doing it all yourself.  You may not need quite the entourage that a celebrity needs, but you still need help — whether it is to look after your administration, your bookkeeping and accounts, your sales and marketing, your social media and your website.

On top of this, you are trying to be a successful business person, while probably also trying to be the perfect partner, perfect parent, perfect daughter and perfect friend.

No wonder you sometimes feel exhausted, overwhelmed and frazzled…

You may not be able to afford to have what your favorite celebrity has, but you can ask for help from family, friends and neighbours.  Whether it is as simple as outsourcing your admin and social media, paying someone to do your cleaning and ironing, or finding someone to mow your lawn and cut your hedges.

Investing in someone else to do these chores, enables you to do what you are good at and frees you up to have some fun, love and laughter in your life, instead of going down the rollercoaster of total burnout.

So go out and find your own entourage!

About Ali Miners

Ali Miners is a results-driven Lifestyle and Business Coach known as the Frazzled2Fabulous Coach. Ali is the ‘Go To’ person to help successful business owners who appear to have it all from the outside, but who are actually exhausted, anxious and frustrated to learn to enjoy fun, love and laughter with their family and friends.

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