Tall Poppy

You don’t have children, do you?


This is a special article for all the single women without children.

Have you ever been in the middle of a discussion at a meeting or an event when someone asks you what you do. So you rattle off your insane schedule of activities — both business and personal — to be greeted with he response: “Wow that’s a lot. You aren’t married with children, are you?”

What the … hell? Do single women point out that women who are married with children aren’t as successful because of that fact? Hmmm?

Because I workout daily and run multiple businesses it’s assumed I’m managing purely because I’m single and have no children. I find this not only offensive and insulting to women like me but also to the women I know who ARE married with children and manage to do the same or even more than I cram into my hectic days!

So why do people — both men and women — ask this. And how do you respond while suppressing the urge to slap them?

Well, like many negative business situations it’s a case of ‘tall poppy’. You’re making it, so therefore they must find something that justifies your ridiculous level of success in their eyes — and which at the same time makes them feel better about their perceived lack of achievement.


Women who have lower expectations of themselves regarding what they should be achieving in life say this. Often unaware of how much sacrifice is involved if you want to achieve more than your average woman. Or man. Oh and that’s okay, but don’t put down women who made the decision to fight for what they truly want and have worked hard regardless of their relationship or parental status.


Simply put, they want what you have but don’t want to put in the effort. Best to stay away from this type in business and life. Period. You’ll never win the argument.


This is a very common one, and is spawned from expectations and jealousy. People automatically compare themselves to you while trying to poke holes in your life so they don’t feel like they have wasted theirs.

But how do you respond to these style of comments? I like to answer the question with another question. A simple “why?” That will turn the tables, leaving it up to them to tell you why that information would make ANY difference to the matter at hand.

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