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10-minute fix to save your AdWords campaign


Are you making money with AdWords yet? Perhaps I should ask a more depressing question. Are you throwing away money using AdWords? In my many years working as an AdWords expert I have spoken to so many people who are disillusioned and frustrated with AdWords. On the flip side, we have a large number of clients who are making excellent returns using AdWords. I would like to help you become one of the happy AdWords users making good money using one of the BEST advertising tools on earth.

The simple fix

So, I want to give you one very simple fix that can have a major effect on improving your AdWords campaign. And yes, this fix will only take 10 minutes! If you haven’t yet started an AdWords campaign then this article is PERFECT for you, it will enable you to start your campaign withworld’s best practice right from the very start!

Let me introduce you to the AdWords villain! The dastardly bad guy dressed in black who runs around your campaign at night, causing mischief, stealing from you and then rushing out the front door after kicking the dog and knocking over your favourite antique vase. Tada… it’s Mr. Broad Match… (imagine an evil sounding organ rumbling in the background as he skulks behind a gravestone)

Now let me introduce you to the hero of the story. He wears his underpants on the outside, whilst leaping between tall buildings, flying through the air rescuing keywords who have been innocently caught up in train accidents on the way to work and rescuing cats from trees. Here he is, it’s Exact Match Man! (Queue the doofdoof music, smoke machine, cape billowing behind him as he stands with his hands on his hips looking mighty pleased with himself.)

And finally, Exact Match Man’s loyal sidekick. The little guy who is always trying his best to keep up with his hero friend, his mask is red and shiny, his cape is long and flowy, he pipes up with good ideas when in a crisis and never fails to stop smiling. It’s Broad Match Modifier Boy! (Queue the rock music as he comes up out of the ground on a riser next to Exact Match Man, his teeth shining ultra white under the spotlight)

Let’s take a quick moment to explain what these three match types are so you can see why I have cast one as a villain and two as heroes.

Broad match

Let me use Google’s own example of how Broad Match works. Suppose you decide to target the keyword “low-carb diet plan.” Broad Match Keyword Ads may show on searches for “low-carb diet plan” “carb-free foods” “low-carb diets” “low-calorie recipes” “Mediterranean diet plans” “low-carbohydrate dietary program.” Look at how crazy some of these examples are… Mediterranean diet plans???? Are you kidding???? That is so far away from “low carb diet plan” it’s not funny. Did you know that Broad Match can be triggered by any single word in this phrase? So “exercise for your diet” would be triggered, so would “financial plan.” Pretty much any word out of “low,” “carb,” “diet” and “plan” can trigger an ad. Ouch! Why is Mr. Broad Match the villain in this story? Because he will show your ad to every vaguely connected search and waste your money, kick your cat and borrow your toothbrush without permission. I don’t use broad match AT ALL in any of our client’s accounts because he is a bad bad guy! All of our accounts have a positive return on investment because we don’t use broad match EVER!

The problem here is that Google’s default keyword matching type is Broad Match, so if you go in and start a campaign with keywords they are automatically set to Broad Match. Now, I like Google a lot, we have some really good friends there and we enjoy working them immensely. However, I don’t really want to donate my hard earned money to them. There’s a lot of good charities that could use that money a lot more than Google. So let’s defeat the villain with our heroes!

Exact match

Again, I will use Google’s example of how exact match works. If you use the keyword “bicycle bell” your ads will show only when someone types in EXACTLY the words “bicycle bell” Beautiful! No more wasting clicks on stupid Mr. Broad Match who wants show ads for “bicycle trips,” “bell peppers” and other assorted nonsense. Exact Match enables us to laser focus our AdWords Campaign to target customers who are truly interested in our product or service. The problem with the scatter-gun approach is that you waste tons of money on clicks that are completely irrelevant and your real customers miss out when your budget runs out. Never use the scatter-gun approach in AdWords.

Broad match modifier

I’m going to borrow Google’s example again to show you how the broad match modifier works. Let’s use the example keyword “women’s hats” Broad Match Modifier Ads May Show On Searches For “women’s hats” “buy women’s hats” “hats for women” The broad match modifier will help your keywords show for closely related searches that don’t quite fall under the Exact Match criteria. “Hat’s for women” or “buy women’s hats” are both closely related terms and very relevant, so we want to show for them. Essentially, if ALL the words in the phrase are used, but in a different order or with other words in between, the ad will trigger. Where Exact Match is too precise, Broad Match Modifier allows a little leeway to include more terms that relate closely without allowing Mr. Broad Match in to ruin the day. Exact Match Man & Broad Match Modifier Boy work BRILLIANTLY together as a team.

If you have a campaign running with any Broad Match keywords showing you need to go ahead and replace them with both the exact match and broad match modified versions. You will see quite a difference!

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