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Instagram updates: 3 you should know about and use


Instagram (and technology in general) moves really fast. There is a constant stream of Instagram updates that most of us don’t have the time to make the most of. Today I’d like to bring your attention to some of the most valuable and exciting Instagram updates that you should know about.

3 Instagram updates you should know about

Ready to have a play? Open up your Instagram app and let’s get to it!

1. Instagram stories stickers

Instagram Stories are now used by over 400 million people every day, so they definitely are well worth investing your time in playing around with. You can upload videos up to 15 seconds in length to Instagram Stories, as well as photos and you can even host Instagram Live videos if you are feeling up to it.

Within Instagram Stories there are a bunch of fun and interactive ‘stickers’ that have been introduced over the past few months and the most recent sticker additions are really exciting for business owners and creatives alike. The main stickers that I think you should know about are the music sticker and the questions sticker.

MUSIC STICKER – With this fun new Instagram update you can add music to your Instagram stories by picking from Instagram’s song library. This integration was made possible by Spotify, and it is definitely something worth playing with the next time you are uploading or filming a video using Instagram Stories.

QUESTIONS STICKER: We’ve all had our fun with the Instagram Stories poll sticker which gives you the ability to ask a question with two possible answers… but now, you can ask an open-ended question. How awesome is that? This is a great sticker to use in Instagram Stories when you are asking for feedback or ideas from your customers.

2. Instagram verification

 This is a new Instagram update that you may not have even heard about yet! The process for getting the coveted ‘blue tick’ on Instagram, known commonly as a verification badge, has been a mystery for a long time.

In the latest Instagram update you will now be able to apply for verification from your Instagram account using a form of government-issued identification. If you’re feeling a little bit confused about why verification is something people are interested in, here is a really helpful article.

3. Instagram IGTV

One of the most groundbreaking Instagram updates that you should definitely know about is the introduction of IGTV. This stand-alone app is a new way for creators to share videos with their Instagram followers that are up to 10 minutes in length.

It has also been shared that selected users can upload videos up to 1 hour in length as Instagram test out this brand new addition.

With IGTV you can upload vertical videos and even include a custom thumbnail design, a title for your video and a description.

IGTV videos are still relatively new, and a lot of people have said that this new Instagram update is very YouTube-esque. If you want to be an early adopter of IGTV, it is a good idea to get started as soon as you can.

Think about what long-form videos may be interesting for your Instagram followers… or, go ahead and ask them using an Instagram Stories poll or question sticker!

Here are some ideas for IGTV video content to get you started:

  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Tutorials on how to use your product
  • Video reviews of your products or services
  • Interviews with your founder or team members

Out of the three Instagram updates that I’ve shared today, which one do you think you’ll get the most use out of? Let me know in the comments below.

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