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Why you need a ‘personal day’ and 9 things to do on it


Personal days. If you’re not taking them, you’ve probably heard of them, wanted to take one, but maybe been too embarrassed to ask for one. Well, don’t be.

Taking a personal day is nothing to be embarrassed about and is something you should definitely do to increase your productivity and creativity. Personal days allow you to rest, catch up on long-neglected plans, and can help reinvigorate you for work, reminding you why you love your job and do it. See… your career and business benefit too!

But to make the most of one, don’t just fritter it away. Plan it out and make the best of it.

1. Know you are a priority

Knowing you are a priority doesn’t mean your work or relationships are not important. It just means putting yourself first for a day or two—which is what a personal day is for.

And remember, your well-being has a huge effect on how well you perform in other areas of your life. Making yourself a priority actually pays off in making work and relationships better after the recharging effect of a personal day.

2. Plan ahead

Planning your personal day ahead of time, and knowing what you’ll do when it arrives, can help you organize it better.

Make sure you let the relevant people – your boss, your team, your family — know about it so they are across what’s happening, what you’re thinking. And so you can pick a day that convenient for everyone.

3. Relax your body

Like Sundays, a personal day is a day of rest and a time for you to relax— giving your body a much-needed break after working non-stop for what seems like a million years. Make sure you put relaxation top of the agenda, in whatever form works best for you.

4. Sleep in

[tweet_quote hashtags=”#personalday” ]One of the best things about personal days is that they are great for sleeping in[/tweet_quote].

Sleeping is also a great way to rest your mind and let go of any stress you might have from work—even if only briefly. Don’t schedule any tasks for first thing in the morning.

So sleep in. You deserve it.

5. Stay healthy

While it might be tempting to put your exercise regime on pause for a day or two, sticking to it on days off can be a great way to spend your time away from work.

Plus, if you do it early, you’ll have more time to completely undo it by sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating that entire tub of ice cream you’ve had your eye on.

After all, you didn’t plan on exercising all day, did you?

6. Take care of errands early

Like the tip above, getting your errands done early can be a great way for you to enjoy your personal day and will allow you to really relax.

It may also help if you make a list of what you need to do in advance so you don’t them when the day comes.

Again: couch, TV, ice cream.

7. Make it productive

Just because it’s a personal day, doesn’t mean it has to be unproductive. Make a plan to do the things you wouldn’t normally have time for, like culling your wardrobe or organizing it… those tasks that have been nagging at you. You’ll wonderful if you cross even one of those off the list.

And don’t be disheartened by how many things you have on that list. You’ll get through them eventually. Just pick one for the personal day and get it done.

8. Go out for a nice meal

Going out for a nice meal could be your way of treating yourself for how hard you work. Plus, those reheated meals you have at work or for dinner, probably aren’t the most fun. So go out and have a nice meal that you can enjoy properly and relax.

9. Reconnect with friends and family

[tweet_quote hashtags=”#friends” ]Reconnecting with friends and family is a great way to spend your personal day[/tweet_quote] because you may not have seen them for a while and… well, they’re your friends and family.

Plus, you could even combine this reconnection with the tip above and have a meal with them instead of on your own.

So when will you take your next personal day?

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