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Flexible part-time jobs for mothers are in high demand for financial success


Having a child is a blessing. You may look forward to becoming a mother and caring about your bundle of joy, but it’s also important to plan your financial security during maternity leave. Being out of the job sector for a few months or even years may affect your financial stability while real life might be more challenging than you’ve considered.  This is where flexible part-time jobs help working mothers.

Not every mother takes paid maternity leave which might lead to unpleasant monetary disruptions. In order to balance your financial security with maternity you need to follow certain tips and plan your upcoming leave in advance.

Secure your financial stability with flexible part-time jobs

It can be a rather tough decision to leave your full-time position and stay at home while taking care of your kids. Some mothers temporarily decide to nurture their child for a few months or a year while others make a more permanent transition, especially when having a few children. The choices are different while every mother knows what works best for her family. Some people take out loans similar to Opploans to avoid financial shortfalls and support their urgent needs.

On the other hand, you need to prepare for your maternity leave and make sure you can actually afford to stay at home with your children. You don’t just need to stay at home without any cash and depend solely on your husband. It’s essential to consider the following tips when it comes to managing your personal funds and protecting your monetary future from bankruptcy or huge debt.

  • Learn Budgeting. It was much easier for your family to have two monthly incomes while your husband and you were both employed. Now that you have a child to take care of it’s important to learn some budgeting tricks as you now have only one breadwinner. While many women have to rely on their husband’s funds, you can work your way towards establishing a monthly budget that will help you find out how much you spend and what expenditures may be omitted without harming your daily life. Having a budget means you feel responsible for the new situation in your family and want to spend your funds efficiently.
  • Save As Much As You Can. While being a stay-at-home mom may take some time, you can use this time to your advantage. Saving is essential in every situation as you never know what might happen tomorrow. It’s necessary to have sufficient savings account so that you don’t lose peace of mind when you have a sudden emergency. Establishing a 50/30/20 rule can be useful. This way you use 50% of your family income each month and pay for rent, groceries, transportation, etc. Then you add 30% to your wants and other things your children may need. The rest 20% should create your savings fund or go toward repaying your existing debt. Remember that being temporarily unemployed may affect your ability to pay down the loans.
  • Get Insured. As you may know, every mother can qualify for up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave after giving birth. At the same time, the study published on March 9, 2020, in Harvard Review of Psychiatry reveals the fact that only 16 percent of private industry workers have access to paid maternity leave. It means you are the one responsible for protecting not only your own health but also the health of your children. The health care insurance you’ve had while being employed may not work for you anymore so you should switch to another plan. It may be a smart idea to compare several insurance plans and find an affordable health insurance plan for the whole family.
  • Acquire New Job Skills. Becoming a mother is great. You may totally forget about employment for some time but you will eventually need to come back to the workforce sometime soon. Acquiring new job skills is beneficial as it will help you land a job when your kids go to school or when you feel ready to start working again. It’s significant to keep your job skills and abilities sharp as the labor market is stiff these days. You may need to keep your work license active or take additional courses to gain new abilities and renew existing certifications.

Top 5 Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms

While you may feel happy being able to stay at home and care about your children, you may also want to keep on working part-time and earning some cash. There are many great ways of starting your own small business while being a stay-at-home mom. It’s great that mothers who can’t afford to be unemployed can work directly from home and fund their needs. 

Being self-employed is what thousands of people are looking for. So, maternity leave is a perfect time to try and become a small business owner. You may like it so much that you will continue being self-employed in the future and turn your small business into a successful venture. Here are the top 5 business ideas for stay-at-home mothers:

  1. Artist. Are you fond of painting? If you have artistic talent and some free time you may craft brilliant paintings to sell them on the web. There are many sites where people sell their pictures and earn extra funds. Also, you may sew clothes, create jewelry, or do any other artistic things that may be developed into a small business.
  2. Blogger. This business idea is extremely popular today with more and more people willing to be bloggers. It’s easy and convenient to start blogging from home if you have a mobile phone or a laptop. Besides, you may share your professional thoughts and relevant ideas that can be helpful to other people.
  3. Cake Decorator. Are you interested in making beautiful and healthy cakes? If you have relevant skills or want to take some cooking course, you can become a cake decorator and earn quite a lot of money. There are always so many people having parties, weddings, celebrations who need a cake.
  4. Copywriter. Content marketing is becoming more and more widespread while it’s definitely another great idea to start your own business by becoming a copywriter. You should have great writing skills and know grammar rules to become a successful writer or editor.
  5. Fitness Trainer. Maternity leave is a wonderful time to not only get back in shape after giving birth but also help other people keeping fit. This is a great opportunity for your small business while being a stay-at-home mom as you may give fitness classes directly from home via video chat or Skype. You may also have a fitness blog with extra workout tips for people.

 It’s little wonder that flexible part-time jobs are in high demand for working mothers. A day in a working mother’s life is often a tumultuous affair, trying to hold together a fragile balance, or at least the appearance of such, between work and family life. It’s a lot of effort to keep it from spinning out of control. With all the floating moving parts, it feels like gravity has deserted and left you hung upside down. Working a job and running a household can be that frantic.

Research shows that working full time outside the home was losing its appeal with mothers of young children. That included moms who worked in the home and those that didn’t.

Since we cannot control much outside of ourselves, let alone the economy, how can we achieve a balance between the welfare of our children, financial prosperity, and our personal needs? By finding Being out of the job sector for a few months or even years may affect your financial stability while real life might be more challenging than you’ve considered.  This is where flexible part-time jobs help mothers. that allow us to be financially successful.

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