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5 challenges woman freelancers face that men don’t


There is no doubt that a freelance career has changed a lot over the years. A decade ago, people didn’t want to be associated with freelancing as a full-time career. Most of them were stuck to the daily 9 to 5 routine with a guarantee to receive a paycheck by the end of the month.

That era is long gone. Freelancing is quickly gaining ground and many people are opting to dive into this promising sphere. But as appealing as the benefits of freelancing are, we cannot ignore the fact that it does not come easy and you will encounter challenges along the way.

For women, this can be even worse since the gender is still underrepresented in freelancing and often we are not taken seriously. So, here are some of the challenges faced by women freelancers and how to solve them.

1. Getting reasonable payment for equal work

Even with the current changing world with so much going on in the society, women are still struggling to get a fair pay for work in freelancing. According to research done by the Association of American Universities, women account for 85 percent of what men with equal qualifications earn across all professionals including freelance. This is relatively low considering that women have even better skills than men in general.

Tip: Stick to your rate and negotiate your pay. Don’t have the mentality that you can whatever rate you are offered. Take a stand and fight for what you deserve.

2. Finding steady workflow

As a freelancer, we have our low and high moments. Ideally, freelancing is a male-dominated world which makes the client doubt if a female freelancer can actually deliver good work. Some of them even make it look like you don’t know what you are doing as a freelancer. Or perhaps you are not as good as the men in the same field. This sounds ridiculous but it’s actually a disadvantage for women.

Tip: Look for sites that offer regular workflow. This will keep you busy all through even when the dry spell sets in. Also, diversify and look for other websites where you can work as a freelancer, I am sure there are so many.

3. Getting jobs outside their skills

Women are mostly stereotyped into covering specific topics. Though many may see this as old-fashioned, it is true. For men, it is common to think that women are typecast to work on projects such as beauty, weddings, babies or even flowers. Other topics such as sports and technology go to men.

Tip: Specify what type of work you are interested in. If you are good in writing or pitching stories, go ahead and pitch for those topics that are considered hard. This way, you will be able to crack a niche that you are good in. Try new, unusual ways to find work, for example check the best writing companies’ reviews and get in touch with one of the best and the most reliable companies.

4. Getting enough support during parenting

As a freelancer woman, it is hard to balance the parenting duties. But most companies today are hesitant to offer female freelancer enough paternity leave. This means that if you are a freelancer woman with a child, you don’t receive a lot of help during the work hours. Similarly, the pay may vary depending on the tasks which mean you don’t get enough pay for daycare. Besides that, it is common to develop serious health issues during or after pregnancy which makes us unable to work. As a freelancer, if you aren’t working you won’t get paid.

Tip: The best thing is to look for a good babysitter and hold on to them. Bid for high paying jobs and get the work done within the stipulated deadline after the kids are asleep.

5. Negative attitude

In general, women are considered delicate beings who don’t have strong opinions. We often have a negative attitude about ourselves. Similarly, in business and freelancing, men are hesitant to take any advice from a woman. Some even don’t take them seriously.

Tip: If your passion is freelance, just be yourself. Women always feel pushed off especially if someone gives a negative feedback. But changing the negative attitude and focusing on the strong version of yourself, will be a great step in your personal growth. Embrace your personalities dearly and eventually, it will become a trend.

Being a full-time freelancer is not as easy as most people think. It requires a lot of commitment and hard work to remain relevant in this field. For women, it is even worse, but these tips will help you identify the main challenges to look out for. Follow them and build your freelancing career.

About Julie Petersen

Julie Petersen is a freelance writer with 10 years of experience with She shares her tips with women to help them succeed in freelancing and easily overcome difficulties and challenges they may face on their way.

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