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5 easy ways to style up your office and boost your productivity


Your office is where you spent a lot of time, every day. Therefore, it needs to be well decorated and include all the things you might need, to make you feel good and comfortable. Not everyone enjoys decorating their office because they don’t realize how important this task is, but once they finally do it, those eight or nine hours they spend there day after day become easier to bear – and that means a boost for productivity.

Here are a few tips on how to decorate your office space with style to boost productivity.


Since they occupy the biggest portion of your office space, the walls are often the ones that set its atmosphere and define its tone. That’s why you should pay special attention to their decoration, and is also the reason why they are the best starting point in this process.

There are numerous ways to go – from painting them in a monochromatic style to a wallpaper with intriguing patterns – and all you’ll need is a dash of creativity and some free time. Finally, if you choose to paint the walls on your own, choose a colour that will make you more productive and effective.


When it comes to carpets, there are two ways to go – match them with the colour of your walls or with the pattern of your furniture. Since your office should portray the image of a unified whole, carpets shouldn’t stand out. This goes for the size – they should cover the desk/chair area, but shouldn’t be too big – as well as colour.

Therefore, matching carpets with other elements is the most effective way to go. So, when purchasing them, make sure you know the colour of your walls – or simply buy the ones you like the most and simply repaint the walls .


Decorating your office with lights is another way to introduce some changes. If you starting decorating from scratch, you have to make sure your office is illuminated properly, so an adequate combination of floor and desk lamps is a must, as well as a fine selection of hanging and pendant lights that will give your office a professional and trustworthy look.

On the other side, if you want to redecorate the existing chandeliers and lamps, you can treat them to a new coat of paint or, alternatively, start using LED light bulbs. This way, your office will get a new look your clients and partners will appreciate and, in addition to that, you’ll save tons of money on the electric bills.


Being stuck in a chair for a better part of your day means one thing – that chair better be good! Going for top-notch quality is vital when choosing all your office furniture and this is a category you shouldn’t try to save money on. That means you should get the best desk you can afford, the most comfortable chair on the market and a shelf that will accommodate all your books, binders and folders. In short,first-class office furnitureis one of the best investments you could make.

Start with the desk and make sure it’s spacious and stable enough – spending your workdays behind a shabby desk will prevent you from achieving your full potential and ultimately get you nowhere. The same goes for the chair, so pick an ergonomic one that supports your back and improves your posture.


This is another thing that defines your office – will it be playful or corporate, boring or exciting? Equipping your work area with the right decorations might be harder than you think and mixing its professional and personal aspects could be a challenge. Luckily, you don’t have to do much to achieve that ideal look.

For example, items like inspirational posters, aquariums and art pieces are quite popular right now. You can also never go wrong with a nice picture frame – you can insert a family photo or two between the images that portray your business success and meetings with famous clients and partners. Finally, bringing in a few plants is always a good idea, especially if they boost your productivity.


Once you decorate your office space in accordance with your wishes and preferences, you’ll start feeling a positive change and start liking your work more. This will, consequently, bring even better results in the future.

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