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5 Effective tips to boost your linkedIn profile


LinkedIn is a highly competitive space where one must actively think of ways to lure recruiters into viewing your profile.

Statistics say that only 37% of women regularly use LinkedIn as opposed to 63% of men. Moreover, out of this 37%, only a small percentage have completely updated profiles.

There are a lot of ways in which you can optimize your profile to make the best use of LinkedIn. It will not only help you get your dream job but also help you build and maintain a healthy network of professionals from your domain.

Given below are a couple of tips to help you with your profile:

1. Keep your profile updated

With over 450 million users on LinkedIn, the chances of your profile being overlooked is very high. So when someone actually lands up on your profile, you need to make sure that they stay there and check out what you have to offer. You can choose to stand out by frequently updating your profile.

When recruiters go through your profile, they do it to find out more about you and the kind of work you’ve been involved in. So, if your profile is not updated, the recruiters will find no reason to stay on your page for long. In order to grab their attention, make sure you have filled your profile to the brim with relevant information about you.

2. Choose the right photograph

Face perception is said to be one of the most developed visual perceptual skills in humans. Facial appearance can have a huge impact on the recruiter’s judgments of attributes such as competence, trustworthiness, and aggressiveness, to name a few.

These impressions are formed quickly by recruiters without an active participation from the applicant’s side. Hence, one must choose their LinkedIn photograph very carefully. While picking a photo, make sure that it’s a professional-looking photo that is not taken in a casual setting. Make sure that you’re in a professional attire in it, and the most importantly remember to smile. Smiling reflects feelings of trust and friendliness, increasing the probability of you landing the job.

A photo could make or break your case in the sense that a recruiter could decide whether or not they like you, solely on the basis of your photo. So don’t take this one lightly and follow the mentioned guidelines while picking your photo.

3. Your summary

Studies show that women are more likely to have shorter profile summaries as compared to men, which can never be a good thing. Always remember to write a summary that sells you. Recruiters generally put a lot of emphasis on the summary since it briefly talks about your overall profile.

Since summaries act as an opportunity for you to share your narrative, pack it with accomplishments and valuable experiences. Start by mentioning the skills you possess that could be of value in any given organization. Secondly, talk about projects you’ve been a part of, explaining how your skills helped in the completion of the same.

Moreover, in your summary make use of words that people in your field of work would relate to, and understand. To conclude, on first glance, the recruiter will only be able to view up to 220 characters, so make sure you make their time worthwhile by making such an impact that it pushes the recruiter to want to read further.

4. Become a part of relevant linkedin groups

LinkedIn groups play a key role in the process of being found by recruiters. Networking with the right set of professionals can get you a long way in your job search.

The whole point of being a part of a LinkedIn group is to network with like-minded professionals.

Actively participate in these groups by sharing valuable information, posts, etc. while starting discussions based on topics pertaining to your field. The more you indulge in these LinkedIn group activities, the more visibility you gain in the eyes of professionals that are a part of your group. Hence, being a part of the right groups makes a huge difference with respect to how visible your profile is to your target recruiters.

5. Show your skills

According to LinkedIn’s statistics, it is found that men tend to endorse their skills far more than women do. In order to grab the recruiter’s attention, you must make sure that you don’t shy away from openly endorsing your skills.

And since skills are also used as keywords in order to search for applicants who possess those skills, try and include every skill you own. Once you do, don’t forget to explain every skill in a way that it answers every question.

For example: If you list down “Graphic Designing” as a skill, remember to mention what projects you’ve designed, whether it was used someplace productive, what techniques you used, how much time you took to complete your project, etc. That way, you don’t leave any room for questions regarding your skill.

Also, don’t forget to mention your soft skills. Soft skills play an important role in conducting day-to-day operations in a workplace. Hence, mention skills such as time management, teamwork, effective communication, etc. to give you an extra edge. Since LinkedIn members with five or more skills receive up to 17X more profile views, try to stack up on those skills of yours to build an overall impressive profile.

As in the case of any other social website, it can often be difficult to get noticed. But if you keep up and follow the mentioned tips the right way, it’ll positively increase your chances of being found and chosen for the job you’re looking for. If you want some more advice on how to take your profile to the next level check out these 33 Linkedin profile tips. Good luck with your job search!

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If you want some more advice on how to take your profile to the next level check out these 33 Linkedin profile tips.

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