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5 key things a businesswoman needs to know


Running a business is fulfilling in so many ways, but it is not easy. Nothing can prepare you for the rollercoaster ride that you’ll experience, or the curve balls that will be thrown your way. There’s no book, Internet site or person that can tell you everything you’ll need to know about your business. But there are things a businesswoman needs to know.

There are so many things you’ll learn on your journey as your business grows, but that’s the beauty of running your own company. Being able to learn from the downs, celebrate the ups, and apply all your learnings to your business to build it and continue to move forward.

1. Be open to every opportunity

Hard work, dedication and skill are extremely important, but in some you can’t simply rely on them to achieve. Having an open mind will lead you to great opportunities you may not have traditionally considered.

Keep in mind that you have an end goal and be aware of positive things around you as they may inspire great ideas even if they are a little left of field. If it’s a chance to build outside of your core capabilities, or solve a problem, why not? You never know when the next opportunity will come around, so it doesn’t hurt to give those unconventional ideas some real consideration and thought.

2. Networking is key

Never be closed minded about what you can learn from others. It is always important to communicate with different kinds of contacts, whether they’re in the industry or not. Having different people available bounce around ideas and lend helpful insight allows you make informed decisions and broaden your thinking.

In a time when we are attached to our phones and laptops and communicating with contacts over email or call, it can be easy to neglect physical meetings. Putting in the extra effort encourages meaningful conversation, helps build rapport and keeps you at the top of mind. Take the time to meet people in person and take care of relationships; you never know how they might flourish!

3. Stay grounded

Keep focused as you celebrate your achievements. As the owner of Yummia, I have found that it is important not to dwell on success for too long as it is easy to get caught up in the success.

When Yummia first got into one of the country’s biggest supermarket chains, it was such a groundbreaking moment for my business, and personally too! I took some time to sit back and appreciate how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved, but also reminded myself that I needed to use these milestones in my business to inspire me to keep working towards my long term goals.

4. Think laterally

Remember that creativity and innovation is what sets you from the pack and what keeps you in the game for the long run. Think outside of the box, but also keep your finger on the pulse in your industry.

Doing something different that might be a great fit for your business and taking the leap to give it a go can really pay off. Thinking laterally can help you keep your product fresh and relevant, and staying ahead in your industry.

5. Never stop learning

Do not limit yourself and continue to build on your current skills. There is always room to improve your business and the best place to start with your own capabilities. Set aside some time for professional and personal development by enrolling in courses, studying online or immersing yourself in different books and online sources.

Not only does it benefit the business by in staying ahead of trends, but it also helps you become a better leader. When you understand all aspects of your business, you become a better decision-maker and can lead your team by example.

About Mia McCarthy

Mia McCarthy is an entrepreneur and founder of Yummia, a leading Australian breakfast company. Not only does Mia run a national company, she is also completing a postgraduate diploma in Strategy and Innovation at the prestigious Oxford University.

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