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5 Questions to ask when Google AdWords isn’t working for your business


Are you running  your own Google AdWords campaigns? How much research and learning did you do before setting up your own campaigns? Chances are you aren’t amazed by the results. You may not be too happy about your ad spend either! You may have thought you could simply write an ad, throw some money at it and watch the sales come flooding in.

But if that’s not happening for you, you may be thinking it’s the fault of Google AdWords. It’s too expensive, it’s too hard, it’s too complicated.

And you wouldn’t be wrong on some of those accounts, but it comes down to a few different factors. Depending on your niche you could pay anything from a few cents per click to hundreds of dollars a click.

Now I don’t normally recommend AdWords if the cost per click is very high, unless you’re wanting to throw your money away or you have tens of thousands to spend on marketing a month. Which I’m assuming you don’t – not many of us do!

However, the reality is probably much further from this. There are often some simple and key reasons why Google AdWords may not be working for your business – and here’s what you can do about them.

Are you running AdWords express?

 When you went to start your AdWords account, did you set up an AdWords Express account?

AdWords Express is designed for small business owners to set up and run their own campaigns but it is a very simplistic version of AdWords and doesn’t give you anywhere near the amount of control as a regular AdWords account does.

This can result in you wasting your precious marketing dollars and thinking that AdWords doesn’t work.

Have you checked the default settings?

If you’ve set up a regular AdWords account – well done!

However, did you change any of the default settings in your campaigns? Chances are, you didn’t and this can end up costing you money.

The one that annoys me the most is the ‘Search with Display Select’ setting which means your ads won’t just appear on the search results pages but also across the display network. This often results in high impressions (your ads being shown many times) and a lower click through rate (CTR) as display ads have much lower clicks than search ads.

There are a host of other settings that often need to be changed too depending on what your objectives are.

Have you set up any Ad extensions? 

How many ad extensions have you added to your campaigns? And at what level have you added them?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you probably haven’t added any.

You can add all sorts of awesome ad extensions to make your advert bigger, more relevant, and increase the chances of your ad appearing higher on the page.

Are you doing any regular campaign management?

OK, so you’ve set up your campaigns, edited the default campaign settings and created your ad extensions. Awesome!

But how often are you checking your ad group, ad and keyword performance?

Keeping a close eye on your campaign is crucial but you also need to know what you are looking at in order to make the right tweaks to improve your return on investment (ROI).

Did you get help from google AdWords support?

Have you got stuck at some point and called Google AdWords for support?

Even the professionals need to call for help with some issues and let me tell you, there is a vast range of knowledge on the other end of that line.

Some of the team are really knowledgeable about all things related to AdWords and unfortunately, sometimes I’ve spoken to ones who have known far less than I have.

You may have got some great advice from them, but you also may have got some not so great advice too – and the problem is you just don’t know what kind of advice you’ve had unless you have at least an intermediate level of knowledge in the first place.

If the thought of running your own Google AdWords campaigns fills you with dread, speak to a Google AdWords specialist. They’ll be able to make sure you are getting the return on investment that you need to make Google AdWords work for you.

About Reeva Cutting

Reeva Cutting is a digital marketer at Cutting Edge Digital and also blogs over at Proudly South African In Perth about moving to and living in Australia. She’s passionate about helping small businesses to be found online and to drive their sales through online channels including organic search, Google AdWords and social media channels. As a passionate marketer and blogger, she loves seeing those page one results for her SEO clients and conversions coming in when businesses finally start reaching their clients via their online presence. She’s also a prominent member of the expat community in Perth, and loves supporting migrants start a new life in Australia via her blog, Proudly South African In Perth. Business Website: | Business Social Media: | | |

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