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3 Easy steps to making your online sales process sexy!


Sales are the only way your business will succeed. You can have all the knowledge in your area of expertise and if you aren’t making sales, your business is sure to fail.

That is how important sales are, yet so many new online entrepreneurs HATE sales. Many people who start their business online have an idea that they’ll have to sell their product or service, but they don’t know exactly what that entails. And if you dig deeper with those people, they will tell you they would rather show up and just do the thing they’re good at such as coaching, teaching, or mentoring and let someone else do the selling.

They were drawn to the online world because of the freedom and the ease of working for themselves. They have a product or service that they want to get out to millions but most of them have little experience in the actual sales process. They honestly don’t know just how important it is, but the sales process can be one of the most fun action items that you do if you do it in the most aligned way for your taste.

They need to learn to make sales sexy! The word sexy is about attraction, allure, having something that people want. There is a desire for what you are offering and there is pleasure that’s associated with that desire. When you create your sales process, you want to make sure it is sexy!

First, there is the seduction phase of your sales process. In this phase, you are enticing your potential customer into your domain. Your domain is your email list. It is where you bring people so that you can give them what they want. This is done with a powerful client attraction magnet. You create something so attractive to your potential lead that they just can’t help but want to enter into your sphere. This can be a gift of some sort such as 20% off of a product, a free planner to help them get to the next phase in their business, a checklist, anything as long as it is valuable and that it’s something they want, you can give it to them through this magnet.

Then after you create your client attraction magnet, you put it out in front of your ideal dream clients. You can do this in a variety of ways. You can use Google AdWords, Facebook ads, podcasts, magazine articles, or joint venture opportunities. The most important place to put your drool worthy gift is where your soulmate client is hanging out. Just make sure that in order for them to get your valuable resource, they need to give you their email address in return.

The second step in creating a sexy sales process is the serenade phase. This is typically where most new online entrepreneurs like to be. It is the phase where you get to interact with your potential dream client. You are nurturing them through your email list, your Facebook group, your YouTube channel or where they are hanging out. You’re giving them swoon-worthy content that is your very best stuff!

You’re building trust in this phase. You allow your potential clients to get to know you on a personal level. You share your stories, your tips, different ways to use your product or service that has them falling in love with you. You are creating a connection with these people so that they can self-identify that they are your soulmate client.

They begin to reach out to you, asking you questions. They begin to tell you what they need to discover from you or your product. They want your attention and you lovingly give it to them! It’s similar to the dating phase in relationships. You get to figure out if they are indeed someone you desire to work with and vice versa. It’s pure magic!

That brings us to the final phase in creating your sexy sales process. That phase is the seal the deal phase. This is phase where your sales will take place. Once you have built up the know, like, and trust factor by serenading your dream client with amazing content, it’s time to take the next step. That next step is to create an offer that they would love and that they need. Then ask them to purchase that item or service!

As you create this offer, keep in mind that you’ve been interacting with your potential client, so you know what they are needing by the questions they’re asking you. You created an honest relationship and now it’s your duty to help them in this area by taking them to the next step in your process. When you do this in an authentic way, without rushing to the final step, sales become a mutual experience.

Now is the time to seal the deal! Ask for their business. Help them get exactly what they want. Be confident and trust in the relationship that you have nurtured.

These are the three simple steps that create a sexy sales process that will have your raving fans begging for more! It’s a process that feels so natural, so connected, and so authentic to who you are and what you offer that you’ll want to do it over and over again!

About Mary Silver'

Mary Silver is a business coach and has been named one of the top professionals in coaching in 2018 by Powerful Professionals. She has been featured in Medium,Thrive Global, on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC as a master at turning successful brick and mortar or service based entrepreneurs into online business experts in rapid time by focusing on the sales process. For Mary, all business success begins with mastering sales. Additionally, she has sold over 14 million as an inside sales consultant and coached industry leaders Christy Whitman and Kim Walsh Phillips.

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