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Outage causes and effects: the impacts on your business


Today, you can hardly perform even the simplest business activities without the need for electricity. It would be best if you had the power to run the electronics in the office, not forgetting the machinery that highly depends on electricity to run. Unfortunately, this smooth running of the business can be affected by a power outage that occurs now and then. Some of the outages are planned, and that’s when there is scheduled maintenance taking place.

Causes of an outage

However, there are times that an outage may be as a result of unexpected factors. We will proceed to explain these factors and how they can affect your business.  

1. Poor weather

Today, bad weather is the leading cause of power outages. A study by Climate Central stated that bad weather contributes to almost 80% of the power outages. During storms, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and wildfires, there is much to worry about as this leads to long-term power outages.

2. Animals

Now and then, we have heard of cases of animals coming into contact with fuses and transformers and causing a shutdown in the entire city or state.

3. Vehicle accidents

With the rising number of vehicles hitting the highways, cases of vehicle accidents have continued to increase. When it comes to accidents, electricity poles haven’t been left behind. Say, for instance, if a nearby electricity pole or power line is hit, it can lead to power outages, which can affect your business.

4. Equipment failure

With time, things such as transformers and turbines can malfunction because of salty and humid air, primarily. This equipment can as well be damaged because of power spikes, which result from lighting spike or short circuits.

Effects of a power outage on your business

Reduced employee productivity

Today, for example, computers have come to make things easy, especially in the world of business. Gone are days when you had to store your business files manually. With a computer, you can save hundreds of data in a single folder and print them anytime and anywhere. Now the problem comes when you experience a power outage. All these simple activities can hardly be performed without power supply. This means that whenever you experience a power outage, your employees won’t be able to deliver like the usual days. The continued power outage can see the workload continue to increase productivity.

Data loss

Data storage is an essential activity for every business. You need to store your operation data in a safe and secure place. Thanks to technological advancements, today, with a computer, you can have your data stored safely. Thanks to SoundCloud technology, today, you can have the data stored over the internet. The fantastic thing about Soundcloud storage is that the stored data is made readily available for every user or employee who has access to the storage.

The only problem with online data storage is that power outage can mess with the process. The frequent outages can cause loss of essential data if not saved. It’s for this reason that you are always advised to have a backup generator on standby. With a generator, you have got nothing to worry about losing relevant data. Specialists from Ablesales often say that you should invest in a quality generator. Having a generator for your business ensures that your business continues to run despite the outage. Today, there are different types of generators that you can invest in. All that is needed of you is to pick a generator that matches your budget and size that suits your business.

Damaged equipment

Cases of electronics blowing out because of power interruptions are common in the modern world. Most of these damages result from electrical surges that are experienced when the power is restored. That’s why you are always advised to have a backup power supply. Also, protecting your equipment from surges can help much when it comes to securing all your electrical appliances. Investing in this equipment is more beneficial than the cost of repair that could see you dig a hole in your wallet.

Reduced sales

Sales are an essential part of every business. It’s through sales that companies gain profits, and hence the smooth running of the business. The sad part is that power outages can see the expected sales reduce. In the modern world, especially where industries depend on the internet, things can get messy. On the one hand, without a power supply, it means that, as a business owner, you can’t access the internet.

This, therefore, means that you can hardly keep tabs with your potential clients leave alone complete transactions. The same case happens to your clients. Without a connection to power, it means that they can’t make purchases. As mentioned earlier, power outages also do affect an employee’s productivity. This, therefore, means that the number of customers served during power interruptions reduces.

Reduced security

Security is paramount when it comes to running a business. You don’t want to run a company where you are a victim of burglary now and then. Thanks to electricity, there are many ways you can improve the security of your business. You can add CCTV cameras, for example, to your business. Apart from the CCTV cameras, security lights also do play a vital role in keeping the burglars at bay. Therefore, the moment you experience a power outage, the chances of thieves breaking into your premise are usually high. However, you can prevent all this by picking a safe location for your business or acquiring a backup generator.


Power outages are frequent in a scenario. They are caused by many factors, some of which are scheduled, while others are unavoidable. Explained in this article are the leading causes of power outages and how they can affect your business. By reading through the article, you will know how best to prepare for the interruptions before they come.

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