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Gone are the days of office floors jam packed full of booths with nothing more than a desktop computer and a faceless office body with their head down in each one. In the twenty-first century as a boss, you make it a point of business to know the names of your employees. You may even know their kids names and politely enquire as to how little Jimmy or Jenny is getting on at school. You pride yourself on having a happy, content and productive workforce that excels in a pleasant working environment. But is your office space as conducive to productive working as you think it is? Have a look at these ideas to make your workplace an even more productive space.

Interior design

It sounds pretty basic, but the colors, lighting and space that you create within your offices have a huge impact on your employees. You need to ensure that their place of work is an environment that they love coming to every day. There is a trend for creating pods, random bridges and pathways, and more open spaces within work environments. This promotes a more flexible way of working. Gone are the regimented booths to be replaced by working spaces. Hot desking involves your employees selecting where they work each day. Never again are they stuck with the same seat and the same view, and instead, they can add variety to their working life boosting contentment and productivity.

Go green

While your company’s eco-credentials may already be excelling, have you considered putting some greenery within your offices? Plants, trees and shrubs enhance employees sense of well being and happiness. One study, conducted in 2014, stated that productivity could be elevated by 15% by filling the workplace with greenery and foliage. Maybe it’s time to get a little bit more green fingered and pop down to your local garden centre for some yucca plants and bonsai trees.

Keep it clean

Employees feel valued if you are willing to maintain their working spaces. By employing the services of a janitorial services company, you are ensuring that your company’s work environment remains warm and inviting at all times. A clean environment will see your workforce ready to start the day productively from the get go rather than concerning themselves with any mess left behind from the evening before.

Get creative

The more creative and visually appealing that your workspaces are, the more creative your employees become. With glass walled common areas, comfy sofas in meeting rooms and high-quality technology, your environment is primed for productive working. With employees free to express their ideas in a dynamic office space, you will see productivity soar.

For the benefit of your business, it is vital that you transform your work environment into an area that promotes agile working and encourages freedom of expression. You hired your employees for a reason; they are good at what they do. Now it’s your responsibility to ensure that they are as productive as possible to enable your company to go from strength to strength.

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