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The 5 questions that really matter


Stress. Exhaustion. Overwhelm.Three little words that rule our world. They combine with the speed of life and technology to create a cocktail that is both addictive and dangerous … but we continue to push ourselves to the limit because we haven’t enough time to see that things can easily be done another way.

I was young, successful, and an award winner – a classic over-achiever. I was driven to be of assistance, to help make the world a better place.

I perfected the art of presenting a serene façade to the world – I was unflappable, competent, capable and the ‘go-togirl’ for solutions. I was also lost, and in a constant head spin trying to find my direction in life and in a flat panic trying to hide it from the world.

And then my world collapsed. Within seconds I was in the middle of my own Armageddon and I could no longer function at the most basic level of life.

It’s hard to explain the terror of looking around you and not being able to understand what you are seeing. Having people ask you questions and not being able to find the words to put together ansensible answer – in fact, any answer at all.

When your life changes in the space of minutes, the intensity of the impact is fierce; it smashes into the people around you and none of you are the same again.

My journey through recovery and back to a ‘normal’ life taught me a lot of really important things, not the least of which was to understand how I got to where I was, and how to make simple decisions each day that would allow me to live my life in way that is right for me.

Nowadays I live my life very differently, but there is nothing I have now that wasn’t readily available to me before I pushed myself to the brink of life.

So, if you’re in a place where stress, overwhelm and exhaustion rule your life, then gift yourself 5 minutes and try asking yourself the following 5 questions. You might be surprised by how easily you will start to see the different pathways and options that are available to you in your life.

  1. What are your values?

    It is not until you know what your values are that you can begin to identify the things in your life that are important to you. Once you know your values, you can easily align your life to them, and you’ll be able to quickly and clearly see the things that will work for your life. If you don’t know where to start with working out what your values are, check out the free values resource on my website by clicking here.

  2. What am I doing?

    We’re all busy – but what are we busy doing? Simply stopping and making a list of the things you’re doing makes it easier to see where your time is being spent.

  3. Why am I doing it?

    Once you know what you’re doing, the next step is to have a look at why you’re doing it. Chances are, a lot of the things you’re doing are out of obligation or a sense that you can’t say no.

  4. What do I need to feel better right now?

    We’re not taught this as a general rule, but in every situation we can choose to feel better or feel worse. When you take the time to ask yourself the question, you’ll find yourself turning away from the things that stress you out more and towards the things that make you feel better.

  5. What is the simple solution to this situation?

    Often we can find ourselves caught up in the emotion of a situation. If we take a few moments to look at the situation from a factual stance then we can more easily see a simple pathway through the maze of life.

My journey has taught me that my greatest strength is my strength. It has also taught me that my greatest weakness is my strength.

It wasn’t until I truly understood this that I was able to take back control of my life and find the pathway to a simple life. I came to understand this by learning to ask the questions that really matter.

Learn to ask yourself these questions and you’ll easily take control of your own life. When you check in with the answers to these questions regularly, you’ll find yourself effortlessly living your life in a different way – a way that supports and nurtures you and allows you to quit the struggle in your every day.

Want more info on ways that you can easily find your own path? Check out the free tools on my website – you can access them here. There are also loads of tips and tricks on living and thinking differently in my book ‘Keep It Super Simple’.

About Bronwen Sciortino

Bronwen Sciortino is an award winning business woman, a Simplicity Expert, Professional Speaker and the author of ‘Keep It Super Simple – Tips from a Recovering Perfectionist’. You can follow her at ; Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

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