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4 simple ways to showcase your expertise like a Boss


As women we often shy away from highlighting our accomplishments to prevent appearing boastful. There is a well-accepted misconception that women should be regal, humble, and wait for someone else to give them recognition.

Well, here are the facts – no one can tell your story better than you! It is okay to share your accomplishments, it is okay to be proud of yourself, and it is okay to sing your own praises LOUDLY.

Ladies, it is time to step into your expertise like a BOSS!

With so many entrepreneurs out there it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Those who stand out succeed. You’re probably looking at the screen wondering:

  • How do I stand out?
  • Am I an expert?
  • Doesn’t someone else have to give me that title?

Well, I’m glad you asked because no one is giving out titles, you have to reach out and demand the respect you deserve.

But what if I told you, there were 5 simple steps you could implement today for Showcasing Your Expertise, so the world takes notice:

1. Dump your doubts

Talking down to yourself and making assumptions about what people will do can be the downfall of any person or business. Doubt is like a seed it starts with one simple question: Who is going to pay me for this?

Where am I going to find clients?

Am I as good as the other people offering the same service?

Before you know it, you’ve stopped yourself from creating what could have been the best thing that ever happened to you. Don’t let doubt destroy your dream before you even get it off the ground. Instead, reframe your thinking – instead of worrying about who will pay for it focus on creating something worth paying for; stop worrying about hunting clients down and think about attracting the type of clients you want to work with; stop comparing yourself to others, develop a niche that allows you to showcase what makes your program unique.

2. Know your brand and your audience

People don’t buy your brand, they buy YOU. Your life experiences are play a pivotal role in the work you do and the way you do it – it defines your personal brand. Your brand is not just a logo and a website. Personal branding is about the image you share with the world and how others see you.

This does not mean you should delete your website and social media BUT your website, photos, and the language you use should reflect and align with your personal brand. When you meet followers at an event or go Live on Facebook, your image should be consistent and accurately reflect the who you are online. People are drawn to those who are authentic, honest, and approachable.

Along with knowing who you are it is just important to know who you serve – your ideal client. If you haven’t thought about your ideal clients yet, now is the time to think about their traits and create a Client Character Profile – a detailed description – including their demographics, struggles, and what their life is like on a daily basis.

Get as detailed as possible. Give your Client Character a name, describe their family and home life, including their age. List their struggles and questions they have. Before you dismiss this as a creative writing activity, remember that you want to attract people who identify with your story, want your feedback, and engage with you. When you create this detailed Client Character, you know exactly who you are speaking to. You will stay focused on this ideal client even if you’re tempted to target another audience. This is the audience you are most able to assist and who needs your help the most.

3. Be seen

Your audience cannot connect to someone who is not around. In this Social Media generation if you are out of sight, you are out of mind. Add to that, the current algorithm for most Social Media platforms is designed such that the more you engage (post, comment, like, share, etc.) the more accounts they’ll allow to see your page. This doesn’t mean spend 8 hours a day on line, it just means you have to talk to your audience regularly.

One way to “be seen” is to speak to live audiences. Yes, that may be a daunting task, but the more practice you get, the easier it will become. And don’t think you need to book a concert hall your first time out. That likely won’t happen, but look for local opportunities right in your hometown. Start small like booking a town hall-style meeting in your community to speak about your passion and to answer questions from the audience or join a networking group and take advantage of speaking opportunities within those groups. As you become more comfortable with these smaller venues, you’ll hone your speaking skills as well as your story and you can then search for the larger venues and opportunities.

4. Provide proof

According to Entrepreneur Magazine “78 percent of consumers in the United States read reviews before making a purchase decision.” That’s a BIG number. This means you need to back up your skills by providing Social Proof – testimonials, reviews, results, and case studies can make all the difference in being viewed as a legitimate business and EXPERT in your area.

The more rave reviews people give you, the more likely you will get new clients or booked for another speaking event. These are positive reviews that you delivered what you promised, that your clients experienced tremendous growth, and that your message was well received. Don’t be afraid to ask for a testimonial. Most people don’t think about writing a testimonial without being asked, so ask gently in an email or a private message on social media answers. To be seen as an expert you need to add value for your audience, by unlocking the answer to your audience’s problem. When your focus turns to helping your audience level up; to providing people focused feedback; and answering the questions that matter to them — you’ll start to see your reputation as an EXPERT skyrocket!

About Alejandra Love

Alejandra 'Alex' Love, MPA, CPLP is the Founder and CEO of Business Coaching and Corporate Training firm, Alex Love Consulting. She is a Learning and Performance Expert with over a decade in the field. She believes everyone has a gift and when that gift is nurtured amazing things can happen. Alex’s company mission is to ‘Empower Others to Perform With Excellence’ and she uses that mission to help the dreamers and innovators build their best business. In her free time Alex volunteers at local high schools and spends time with her beautiful daughter, Kennedy. Connect with Alex on her website, Twitter/Instagram: @_askalexlove. or Facebook: Alex Love Consulting.

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