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5 tips for overcoming isolation when running your business


Whether you are a busy mother working from home or leading a team from an office, running a business is a lonely job. You are constantly juggling expectations, finances & having to make decisions that you certainly can’t share with your team. Often it can make you want to tear your hair out, so to save your hair & hairdresser we thought we would share these tips.

1. Accept that you can’t know it all & you don’t have to be an expert in everything.

As a leader, boss & business owner we know the buck stops with us, but that doesn’t mean that you need to know it all. Often because we have expertise & are professional, we want to hold ourselves to those standards across the entire gamut of business. These ideals will be setting you up to fail.

In fact, it can be argued that you can’t be an expert in everything, for example if you are a creative type, you are unlikely to be brilliant at accounting. The sooner you focus on your expertise the more successful you will be.

2. Understand that you are unconsciously incompetent or Don’t know what you don’t know

There are a lot of different facets to business, some that are important that you may not be aware of. They could be Legal, they could be privacy laws, they could relate to OHS. What we do know is that they are many & varied. To overcome this, you need to set yourself up with an open mind & people you trust. It could be done through collaboration, that we will touch on shortly, attend workshops, mentoring or simply by being part of a social media group. Remember there are no dumb questions!

3. Choose what areas you need to be an expert in & outsource the rest

If you want to eliminate headaches trust a professional to do things for you. All you need to know are the right questions to ask & what the general market value is. Then armed with your basic knowledge you can make an informed choice to outsource.

Our advice is to outsource all those things you hate, that slow you down & hold you back. Imagine how much more productive you will be not having to do them!

At this point a few of you will switch off saying, “I can’t afford to outsource”. It does not always have to be an exchange of money. For many of you the extra business you can do will pay for the outsourcing. For others starting up see if you can exchange services.

4. Build a tribe of Collaborators to help you expand

Working with like-minded people who have the same clients as you are a pleasure. They often have the same challenges so totally understand what you are dealing with. They can be empathetic & can solve some problems for you.

Where do you find these paragons? Through your connections either on or offline. It will take a few meeting s to build the relationship but if they are the right person it will be well worth the effort.

5. Use your tribe of Collaborators to bounce off tough decisions.

It can be energizing to work with other and once you trust them, they can be great sounding boards for those difficult challenges you cannot share with your team.

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About Lisa Sweeney

Lisa Sweeney is an inspired networking professional building a business, Business in Heels, to support entrepreneurial women world-wide with resources opportunity and choice. I negotiate win-win deals for businesses looking to further their reach through our face to face events and social networks. We aim to help woman in business be successful on a global stage with equality.

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