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5 top content marketing tips to promote your brand


Are you ready to start a striking content marketing campaign to promote your brand? Take your time! Below are five strategies that will help you achieve maximum efficiency in the interaction with your audience.

1. Answer the top 30 relevant questions

Instead of spending time on brainstorming and coming up with irrelevant topic, select the 30 most burning questions and answer them in details. You can even create 0 video podcasts to answer each question.

Why does it work?

Your prospects are vague as long as your target audience does not receive detailed answers to arising questions. Nobody will buy your good and use services until you eliminate all the doubts and misunderstandings. By answering people’s questions, you take preventive measures to avoid the delivery of “unwanted” content. And, most importantly, you’ll get an idea of now to adjust your content strategy in future. Knowing the preferences of your audience, you’ll be able to provide it with relevant content and avoid most blunders.

2. Answer the call of the era of increased competition by creating new forms of content

Undoubtedly, the competence will grow, and the only way to survive in the field of inbound marketing is through the distribution of more interesting and original content than the competitors’ one.

The variety of forms and genres of content will grow as well. New ideas, features, tools, and technologies – that’s what you should strive for today to be on the crest of a wave tomorrow. Always look for opportunities to combine the content of your message with innovative, exciting forms of delivery.

For example, instead of standard infographics, you can create video- or interactive infographics which look much more intriguing to users.

3. Invest in the quality of content

For the same reason that the increased competition in content marketing is inevitable, it is necessary to invest in the quality of your content. Attract the best copywriters, editors and marketers. Soon, it will be very hot!What works today, tomorrow will not conform to generally accepted quality standards.The audience quickly gets used to the good. And the “degree” will grow constantly.

Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz admits that the best investment in the future is to bet not on the spread of a large number of medium-quality materials but rather on the creation of global forms of content that are excellent in quality. Focus on major, global things that will cause a flurry of responses immediately. It is better to spend resources on the creation of a White Paper than twenty unremarkable articles.It is better to create one but a cool interactive infographics than ten small.

4. Combine the content with search engine marketing

If your goal is getting targeted traffic, your actions in this direction should not be limited to the creation of content and promotion – focus on complex measures to improve your website as the main source of search traffic. Upgrade your resource not only in terms of content but also in terms of usability and design.

5. Create stories that people want to read and see

What makes your content interesting? Obviously, that’s unique, intriguing stories that you share with readers. Try to use this as a marketing move. Tell a story about your brand, product or service, using a simple scheme:

  • Catch the reader from the very beginning;
  • Develop a plot of your story in the main part;
  • Give the reader an ending that highlights the events described in the main part.

Quite simple, isn’t it?

Stories are around us. Your does not exist in a vacuum – it’s in the surrounding reality, and your task is to reflect on the question “How exactly?” How exactly does your brand interact with the surrounding world? There are always a lot of related things, for example, the lifestyle that your product offers people.

Create myths about your brand, but don’t release a deliberate lie – not because it’s not fair but rather for the reason that internet marketing is closely linked to the offline value of your offer: the product does not meet the market level of quality will never win the competition. Create emotional stories and let your brand belinked with people’s lives.

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