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Dress in style – even for online meetings: 5 top tips


Outlines strategies and tips to help ensure you dress in style and with professional impact for your business or career.

You’ve found that you’re making a difference in the business world. The only thing that you’re having trouble with is doing it in style and making sure that your attire remains professional at all times – even being able to dress in style when you are just in online meetings!

It makes you wonder why dressing in style can be so challenging to do in today’s workplace environment. The way you tackle dressing in the workplace will set the tone for how other’s that you work with will view you. In this article, we are going to give you 5 tips for dressing professionally and making sure that you dress in style as well.

Dressing with style doesn’t mean you’ve got to sacrifice the clothes that make you feel like yourself. It just simply means that the clothes you now put on and wear to work can increase or decrease how seriously people around you take you.

5 tips to dress in style

To ensure that you’re at the top of your style game, try one of the dress in style tips listed below when it comes to the businesswomen style guide.

1. Be yourself

Just because you have joined the corporate world doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the things that make you who you are. There is a way to dress in style appropriately and professionally while remaining true to yourself and your style characteristics. If your style is about bold colors, try introducing a few pops of color throughout your outfit without it being overwhelming.

2. Invest in staple pieces

A businesswoman should have a few pieces in her closet that can be interchanged with other items of clothing to dress in style. Staple pieces that we recommend you purchase are things like a tailored suit or suit jacket.

There are more staple pieces that we recommend you have, but we just wanted to give you a general idea. Also, having a tailor on tap can help turn pieces that you find at a lower cost into pieces that look high dollar.

3. No open-toed shoes

Open-toed shoes don’t express that you are professional, we recommend that you always opt for closed-toe shoes in the workplace to dress in style. If you choose to wear open-toed shoes, ensure that your feet have been properly groomed to accommodate being center stage. And speaking of shoes, we don’t want to leave men without a shoe suggestion. The new casual loafers are fashionable and appropriate for the workplace.

4. Stay modest

When we say stay modest, we mean don’t go overboard with showing too much skin at work to try and dress in style. Showing cleavage or wearing a skirt that is too small isn’t appropriate when you are at work. It can also attract attention that you may not be fond of when you are trying to focus on doing your job.

5. Keep makeup simple

Again you should feel free to express yourself with your makeup to dress in style. However, it is better to opt for a makeup look that is simple and expresses, “I do my job, and I do it well.” You don’t want to look like you’re about to go enjoy a night out in Vegas with your best friends. Makeup is to enhance your natural look. It shouldn’t make you look like a completely different person, especially at work.

Ready for work?

Now that you’ve had the chance to read over this list about how to dress in style, we hope something has stuck out in your mind. To be a successful businesswoman, you don’t need to change who you are. If you need tips and advice when it comes to other areas of business, visit our business services page so that we can get you the information you need.

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