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Learn the 5 ways to stay on track for serious success

1. What is your big picture? Dream big and be very clear about what you want….is it to climb the corporate ladder? What is your 5 year plan

2. Prioritise. Yes you hear this all the time. You may have 10 things to do in one day although stats show you will only do 3 effectively. So make sure you know which three you want to get done.

3. Time off. Yes we need time off. I am known for working 24/7 but I DO actually schedule time off. I call it active recovery. Don’t expect time off to happen naturally throughout the day – it won’t happen and you will burn out.

4. Learn to say no. Saying no to the areas that are not a part of your big picure is key. If it isn’t important to you then say no. Look at your priority list and your big picture – this is your guide on what to say no to. Try saying “I will review that later” and other terms so you don’t burn bridges

5. Review. Review everything on a weekly basis. Don’t plan once a year and that’s it. Look at it yearly then look at it weekly. Does your vision board need changing?


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