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Challenges of a businesswoman


The challenges of being in business are well-known, and can make your path seem like an uphill battle. Regardless of whether you are self-employed, or working for someone else, there are always associated challenges. Throw in being a woman, and those challenges are multiplied by a huge factor. Call me sexist, but there always seems to be a hidden undertone of extra effort to being a successful career woman. Throw in children, school runs, child care, sick days and having the perfect home, and the melting pot is complete.

I, am one such woman. Successful career, check. Loving partner, check. Child, check. Beautiful home… well, sometimes. Let’s be honest, I have so much on the go at any one time that I may drop the ball sometimes, and it’s usually at home. Forgetting to put the laundry on, so my daughter’s favourite dress isn’t washed for kinder, putting towels in the clean basket instead of dirty basket, and ruining all that hard work. These are just some of the examples of the stresses that I encounter on a daily basis.

Flip side, put me in a board room with a prospective client, and I will dazzle them. Amaze them, wine them, dine them, whatever it takes to seal the deal. And they will be amazed. My work ethic is such that I constantly find myself creating work for myself, where someone else may just let some things go. As much as I love my family, it’s my career where I do my best work, my brain is such that it needs constant stimulation and singing Dora the Explorer songs just doesn’t cut it.

I am beyond lucky in my life, I have an amazing partner who helps me with everything in life, from picking up our daughter from kinder, to making an exquisite beef wellington, family and friends who are truly supportive, and the magical little being that is my highly intelligent and independent daughter. I do admit, as I said before, I can do stupid things because I can be time-poor sometimes, or just plain tired, but communication and support means I can drop the ball without causing too much grief.

If you’re one of the myriad of career women juggling the essentials, and occasionally dropping the ball. I say to you this: make sure your partner is supportive, your needs are met and that you are being the best you can be in all aspects of your life. If you know you’re being the best possible parent, partner, friend and employee… well you’ve done your job, and I applaud you. If not, think about what you can do to improve those aspects of your life, and work on them. You are never a completed project, you’re always a project in progress, and with our constantly changing lives and demands, it’s important to stay on top of our priorities.

Here’s my quick guide on how to stay sane and on track when faced with the challenges of a businesswoman:

  1. Communication – Make sure you communicate with all the people in your inner circle, about your needs and feelings. Bosses, partner, family, they all need to know what you need, and how they can help you. If you don’t ask, they can’t help you.
  2. Say NO – There’s only so much you can do, so if your business associate has given you more of THEIR work when you’ve got enough of your own, or your aunty has decided she needs a lift to the city because she’s decided the bus isn’t good enough, sometime you need to come first. Saying NO feels very refreshing and liberating – try it sometime!
  3. Leave on time – We are so tied to our jobs, and feel pressured to work overtime, make sure 1 or 2 days a week at least you leave at 5pm to make it home in time for dinner with the family.
  4. Delegate – If you can give some of your tasks to other people, even if it’s getting someone to do your ironing, it means you have an extra hour to spend with your family.
  5. Routine – try to streamline your day as much as possible. Have a routine, set alarms, reminders, and you will find things get done more effectively and efficiently.

About Alisa Visan

Alisa Visan is the Business Development Manager for JMA Credit Control. She helps commercial clients with delinquent debtors, drafting and execution of trade credit applications, and their terms and conditions. You can reach her at : [email protected]

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