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5 ways to miss an opportunity


Opportunities are the crucial stepping stones to the next levels in our careers and business. And we should always focus on keeping an eye out for opportunities and making the most of them when they arrive. But often opportunities slip by without us even noticing them, and we are not paying attention to what is causing us to miss them.

1. Wasting time

The quickest and most regular way to miss an opportunity is to waste your time. This could be in the form of spending hours watching TV, partying too hard or procrastinating on social media. Life moves on with or without you, and if you are spending your time in fruitless activities, opportunities are flying past but you probably can’t see them.

2. Mixing with the wrong people

Don’t expect to find open doors and make high quality connections if you are mixing with the wrong people — both personally and professionally. You are the company you keep. If you spend your time around people who are negative or constantly want to distract you from your big goal, then you are going to not only miss opportunities that come close, but also not find them anywhere in a 100 mile radius.

Choose the people you surround yourself with very carefully. They can make or break you.

3. Not focusing

This is a common problem for the creative entrepreneur. Coming up with a new idea every day sounds exciting, but it will result in opportunities missed. You need to remain focused on your core business or core purpose. Only then will opportunities relevant to that goal come your way. If you are always changing your mind and your focus, you will end up spinning around on the spot and go nowhere, fast.

4. Not taking risks

Opportunities are often disguised as risks. Well… what the world calls risks. It is in fact just something out of the ordinary, something that hasn’t been done before. Only when you are willing to break the mold and take a risk will you see more and more opportunities. Remember it isn’t crowded in the extra mile.

5. Fear

A classic reason women miss opportunities is the fear of the unknown. Fear of failure and fear of success. What you need to realize is that men feel the same fear — although they also know that if they listen to that fear, they will miss opportunities for ultimate success.

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